Sir Elias Redcliff

A human nobleman from Caliphas with a thirst for fame and adventure


Elias Redcliff
Male Human from Caliphas, House of Redcliff
26 years old, 5’11” tall, 167 lb, Wavy brown hair, green eyes, tanned skin, relaxed posture

Agility: D6
Smarts: D4
Spirit: D10
Strength: D8
Vigor: D6

Spellcasting (spi): D10
Fighting (agi): D10
Guts (spi): D4
Knowledge Nobility (smt): D4
Persuasion (spi): D10
Riding (agi): D4
Socialize (spi): D6
Streetwise (smt): D4
Taunt (smt): D4

Derived Stats
Charisma: +4
Pace: 6
Parry: 5 ( +2 kite shield / +1 buckler, +1 rapier)
Toughness: 5 ( +3 plate armor on torso, arms, legs)
Max Encumbrance: 30 lb (40 lb masterwork backpack)
Current Encumbrance: 70 lb (-1 on str and agi rolls)

(Minor Hindrance) Enemy
(Minor Hindrance) Stubborn
(Major Hindrance) Heroic Ideal

- Elias gains +2 to his charisma

- Elias gains +2 to his charisma
- Elias begins the game with 1500 gp to spend on equipment, along with a few free items reflecting his status and the services of the house armorers.

Armiger (will be taken soon…)
- Elias gains a +1 to parry while wearing armor that covers his torso, arms, and legs
- Elias counts the weight of any worn armor as half for the purposes of encumbrance

Arcane Background
- Arcane Skill: Spellcasting (spi)
- Free Casting: Elias can cast spells without using Power Points. He does not need to spend power points on Powers and does not spend power points to maintain spells, but he does suffer a negative to casting rolls equal to half the total number of power points for the spell, rounded down. He does become shaken if he fails a casting roll and loses maintenance of spells.
- Clerical Focus: Elias wears a special silver ring with a single obsidian stone set into it as his spell focus. Without this item he casts spells at -2.
- Cantrips: Elias may roll Spellcasting, with gestures & speech, to cast minor spells.
- Vows: Elias suffers penalties or can even lose his powers if he breaks his vows

Power Points: 2
Range: Touch
Duration: 10 minutes (1/minute)
0: Glow Trapping: When cast with a raise the recipient glows brightly with otherworldly light for the duration, providing bright illumination with a radius of a small burst template
1: The recipient of this power gains a +1 bonus to Charisma, or +2 Charisma on a raise.
2: While this power is active, the recipient can perform a Test of Wills against another character using persuasion, opposed by Smarts. Success gives +2 on next action against them. Raise shakes them, and they cannot act on next round even if they unshake.

Elemental Manipulation
Power Points: 1
Range: Smarts x 2
Duration: 3 (1/round)
• Corrosion: Beneficial Effect on person or item: If the target is touched the victim must make a vigor roll or suffer Fatigue (the equivalent of Bumps and Bruises).
• Corrosion: Beneficial Effect on weapon: When an affected weapon causes a damage result of shaken or higher, roll a d6. On a 6, any material the acid hit is ruined (armor loses a point of protection instead).
• The caster can create lesser air currents to blow out a candle, fan a flame, lift a skirt, or cool his body in oppressive heat (+ 1 to a single Fatigue roll caused by heat).
• A wave of the hand can open a one-foot square hole in soft earth (or half that in stone), or cause a spray of sand that might blind an opponent (+ 1 to a Trick roll).
• Shocking – cast on weapon: When an affected weapon strikes an opponent, roll a d6. On a 6 they must make a vigor roll or be shaken.
• Jazz – Beneficial Effect on person: + 1 to Pace.
• The caster can snap his fingers to create a small flame (about the size of a hot match). With existing fire, he can urge it to spread (+1 to see if a fire spreads), cause it to flare (perhaps as part of a Trick maneuver), or slowly light an object over the course of a few rounds (as if holding a match to it).
• Flammable – cast on weapon: When an affected weapon causes a damage result of shaken or higher roll a d6, on a roll of 6 any potentially flammable objects to catch fire (see page 83).
• Armor: cast on person or item: + 2 Armor versus cold, ice, fire, and heat, but fire and heat attacks count as a dispel against this effect
• Skate: cast on person: Ice does not count as Difficult Ground as ice spikes or skates form on the target’s feet.
• Fatigue: cast on weapon: When an affected weapon causes a damage result of shaken or higher roll a d6, on a roll of 6 the target must make a vigor roll to avoid cold-based Fatigue.
• The caster can conjure up to a pint of water somewhere within his sight (not “inside” objects or people). A wave of his hand also purifies one gallon of water, whether it be poisoned or simply salt-water. Those who have been poisoned within the last minute also get a second chance to resist any remaining effects.

The spellcaster may use the spellcasting skill to create minor, mostly useless effects for aesthetic purposes or amusement. Characters must successfully roll spellcasting and use the proper casting requirements. All effects require the constant attention of the spellcaster and dissipate when that attention goes away. There is no duration.
Make an illusion of a small spider crawling across the floor
Make a mug of ale levitate a couple inches
Make (non-blinding) sparkles flash from your hands
Draw a temporary color onto something like someone’s hair or clothes
Create a whiff of the smell of sulphur (great for storytelling)
Make a card briefly change from one suit & number to another (w/tells)
Make a strawberry grow quickly to double in size
Mimic the sound of a glass shattering
Clean the strain from a shirt
Create the illusion of a plate being hot or cold to the touch

Weapons and Armor
Stylized Long Sword of House Redcliff (hilt showing the badge of House Redcliff, inscription with Elias’ name on the blade, ornamental decorations)
Stylized Plate Armor of House Redcliff (well fitted, gilded, and inscribed with decorative patterns. additional bits of flair added for style)
Parthian Rapier
Wooden Kite Shield

Adventuring Gear
Masterwork Backpack

Fashionable Outfit
Fashionable Formal Outfit

Luxury Items
Bachelor Snuff x20
Alchemist’s Kindness x2
Pocket Watch
Signet Ring
Obsidian Ring (focus)
Book of Poetry x 2
Patents of Nobility

Other Goods
Blank Book
Candle x 10
Ceramic Flask
Steel Flask
Flint and Steel
Oil (3 pints)
Blank Book
Rope, 10m

Riding Horse (Califax)

10 gold pieces
37 silver pieces
30 copper pieces

Accompanied by
His two servants, Villem and Pytor


Diary of Sir Elias Redcliff of Caliphas
Kept in an elegant and flowing script, this diary was personally written by Elias over the course of his travels.

Minor Hindrance: Enemy
Elias seems to have acquired some rather unusual enemies, the nature of which neither he nor his companions are yet aware

Minor Hindrance: Stubborn
Elias will never admit to being wrong (even if he realizes he is) unless presented an opportunity to do so while still saving face.

Elias_Redcliff_2.pngMajor Hindrance: Heroic Ideal
Elias has a serious ego and sees himself as the heroic ideal. He’s out to look like a hero and that carries some requirements.
– Elias sees it as his duty to protect and guide the lower classes, just as it is their duty to honor and support the upper classes. He will take up such tasks without pay (although he won’t turn it down if freely offered).
– Elias behaves chivalrously to noble ladies (with some qualifications). He will never hesitate to offer aid, stand up for, or risk his own safety for a noble lady. However, he sees no problem with less than honorable “liaisons.” Basically, he’s a perfect gentleman, but a bit of a devilish one.
- If there’s an opportunity to show off, he won’t hesitate to step up to the task, even if it carries some real dangers. This is less about humiliating the enemy than showing he can beat them at their best. He’ll do the best he can to engage in honorable combat with his opponents, seek out the most dangerous foes for himself, and risk his life to protect others in combat. Additionally, outside of combat Elias will be eager to engage in contests of skill and will think little of attempts to hide his abilities. This does not mean he will never engage in stealth or subterfuge, but he is unlikely to view them as an ideal means of fully resolving an issue (sneaking around to scout is well and good, but just sneaking by the bandits on the road is a no no).

Edge: Noble
Elias was born into the wealthy and influential Redcliff family and has never questioned the advantages that brings. Instead he has thoroughly immersed himself in the pleasures afforded by it. He knows just how a noble is expected to behave to achieve the respect of his peers and lessers, and just how to misbehave to earn their admiration.
On top of these social advantages, Elias also has the privileges of wealth, setting out for his new adventures with the best equipment money can buy. Of course, adapting to the lifestyle of a rough adventurer may pose its challenges, but the services of a couple of family servants will surely ease such burdens.
All of these advantages do of course come with a cost though. Elias must be mindful that his deeds reflect on the honor of House Redcliff, and to some degree on that of all Ustalav. Additionally, he may be required to act on behalf of his house at times, or to head the call of duty when it arises.

Edge: Attractive
Elias was born with a face to be admired and he damn well knows it. He doesn’t leave everything to natural advantages though. Elias is never seen outside of the finest fashion, though sometimes the more conservative are a bit shocked by his avant-garde taste, and has the flair of a natural for personal styling.

Edge: Armiger
Elias has grown up under the tutelage of an experienced master-at-arms in the employ of House Redcliff. As such, he has gained some skill as a swordsman, despite of his lack of experience in true battle (the occasional duel notwithstanding), and received the training and practiced to wear armor with ease and make maximum use of its advantages.

Edge: Arcane Background
Elias seems quite adept in the use of magic, but as to how or where he gained these abilities, none of his companions are quite sure as of yet.

Sir Elias Redcliff

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