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  • Welcome to your campaign!

    Late into the night I was woken by a small woman entering the wagon to rent the second bed. A second woman, with a strong Sczarni accent was profusely thanking her as they talked through the open door, rather loudly, …

  • From the pages of Halda's Journal

    I had been looking forward to my first trip to the Festival of the Senses in Vauntil.  Unfortunately it turned into a fiasco.

    To begin with, I awoke to find my bunk mate in the wagon I had rented was someone from my past.  I did not …

  • From the pages of Elias' Journal

    Starday, 19th of Arodas, 4717 AR,

    Well, Vauntil has proved to be just what I was looking for. A true adventure, and a rag tag group of companions to boot!

    Last Breath itself has been much the same as usual, not to …

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