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  • Running Blades


    Neth, 4707

    Despite the plush surroundings of the Lowl’s estate sleep evaded me that night. I kept returning to Gif Chidrin’s little junk shop in my mind. The man had nothing to gain and …

  • Quite the Mess

    When I came back to Thrushmoor a cold Kuthona rain pissed down on the streets, soaking my clothing.  I silently thanked Desna that I chose to leave my alchemist’s trunk behind. The apparatus was too heavy to lug around in this weather.  …

  • What makes a person?

    "There’s something I’d like to try,” I said.

    Vek’s metallic head turned toward me.  “What?”

    “I’d like to try using my power on you.  I’m almost certain it won& …

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