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  • Sleeping Dogs

    Separately, at the very end of the break, Vali says that Randalph, the monster hunter they encountered in the Gernikov estate, has just received word from his superior in the Order that he is to investigate the activity of the so called "Followers …

  • Viscount Aetherton Lowls of Versex

    Aetherton was born in Thrushmoor (20 years ago), his mother died in childbirth. As the only son of the Count Lowls of Versex, everyone who pays attention to such things is aware that he is the heir. His childhood was relatively uneventful if somewhat …

  • Ithinia

    Serves as cook and head maid. When Dulca, the maid, recently disappeared, she was replaced by a much younger Ithinia, from Haserton's estate maids. Her family comes from a long line of servants loyal to the Lowls serving within their personal estate.

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