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Promising Knight or Gallant Noble for Escort

Seen in Blackwood, Laurellight, Eskcourt, Leland, North and West Cushing

Seeking a young man, roughly the years of 18-25, dashing good looks and well-mannered as escort for an evening.  Must be able to dance and to handle himself with a sword, as well as observe expected protocols for behavior between the sexes – including but not limited to gallant behavior, defending a woman’s honor, holding doors open and tossing one’s cloak on offending mud puddles. Formal social attire required at employee’s expense.  Compensation: 300 gp. + 3 coupons for magical services. Interesting parties may inquire with Britta, Museum Assistant at the Caliphas Quarterfaux Archives.  Coupons subject to limitations of the practitioner. -L.

Wanted: Female, Fertile Hungry Egret; Pay: 300 gp.

Seen in North and West Cushing, Eskcourt, Hawthorne Rows, Blackwood

The capture of one female, fertile Hungry Egret capable of producing eggs.  Cage provided as well as initial gear for one expedition into Amaans countryside necessary for capture of said creature, such as scent lure, Hungry Egret food for up to 2 weeks, and consultation for a species specialist for likely locations for habitation and behavior.

Inquire with Harran Poltvas at Poltvas Zoological Park, Main Offices

Rat-catchers Needed, Professionals Only Apply; Pay 50 gp. per Giant Rat head

Seen in Ashtown, West Cushing, Dowell, Valpole

Rat infestation, stubbornly resistant to normal means of extermination.  Eye-witness reports point to some creatures as large as a halfling.  Pay is for this variety, or the discovery of the cause of these eye-witness accounts with proof.  Pay is for up to two score rats of this variety.

Inquire with Harbormaster Jasaline Morstenni at Caliphas Western Docks Main Office.

Wanted: Interview with the Ipston Gentleman Pay 500 gp.

Seen in Ashtown, North and West Cushing, Eskcourt, Hawthorne Rows, Blackwood, Leland

Whoever has information leading directly to the interview with the Ipston Gentleman see near the events of the Ipston Cross Murders is encouraged to go to the Eskcourt Offices of the CDCI – Caliphas Department of Constables and Investigators.  Investigators wish to interview the tall gentleman, known to wear a tall hat and dark cloak.  Please only serious inquiries. Your safety depends on it.  Payment earned after interview achieved and it is determined the Ipston Gentleman is the gentleman in question.

Caliphas Weekly Account  – evidence of hauntings, monster attacks, & supernatural evils

Caliphas Weekly Account will pay for evidence of the supernatural afflictions in Caliphas unknown or unproven to date.  This includes proof of spiritual hauntings, werewolf or vampire attacks, incidents with the undead risen, and other supernatural evils.  We seek to educate the populace of the evils of this world and bring it into the next age armed with enlightenment.  Details important and increase pay.  Pay discussed, and increases with credible eye-witness reports or long-standing staff.  This does not require destruction of the supernatural – simply new proof of the existence or nature of such creatures to inform the beleageured Caliphas populace.  To be submitted to the Fiction department.

Seeking Archeological Expedition: Southern Hungry Mountain highlands

Seen in Eskcourt, Blackwood, Laurellight, and Leland

Experienced archeological expedition company wanted for retrieval of artifacts known to exist in the Hungry Mountain southern highlands.  Each undamaged glass item recovered will result in 50 gp.  Each steel weapon recovered will result in 50 gp. for small weapons, 400 gp. for medium weapons, and 1000 gp. for large weapons.  Armor rates vary from 50 gp for bucklers and leather to 1500 gp. for full plate mail.  Expedition materials, including packing, travel expenses, and hazard costs are to be paid by the expedition company.  Applications received at Caliphas Quarterfaux Archives Main Offices in Blackwood, and reviewed by Head Curator Regan Saramul, and may take up to a month for background checks.

Hawthorne Murders!

Seen in Hawthorne, Ashtown, North and West Cushing, Leland, Dowell

Residents of the Hawthorne Rows and Ashtown are encouraged to be careful when travelling at night due to several unexplained murders in the recent month.  Those close to the victims say they complained of being followed at night by shadows in the alleyway, or paranoid claims of being watched from second story windows.  Anyone with information regarding these crimes can offer reports to Captain Hoptler, Whiteshaw Eskcourt Constables Offices.  Investigators Offices offer 1000 gp. for proof of capture of the Hawthorne murderer.

Barstoi Delegates Bring News of Worldwound!

Seen in Eskcourt, Blackwood, Laurellight, and Leland

A team of Pharasmin witchunters have arrived in Caliphas on the 22nd day of Arodus, year 4707 AR.  Rumor has it that Barstoi has discovered new evidence of demons cross into the Ustalav borders in Odranto.  They seek support from Ustalav nobility in a new search for demon-hunting relics, and to expand their jurisdiction to hunt the possessed that lurk among us.  Formal reception to be held on Starday, 29th of Arodus.

Supernatural Investigators to Spend the Night at Szazvirog Manor; Payment: 900 pp.

Seen in Blackwood, Escourt, Leland.

Anyone willing and able to stay a full night at Szazvirog Manor and record all events and encounters in a detail-oriented log will earn 900 pp.  Sorry, one payment per party completing the job.  More guards does not equal more pay.  Must be a proven academic with a mind for professional notes.  See CDCI Investigators branch, Main Offices, Whiteshaw.

Seeking One Day Guard Company – Local Reputable Business; Pay: 1500 gp.

Seen in Hawthorne Rows, North Cushing, Dowell, Valpole, and Eskcourt

As stated, reputable local business has need of an experienced and trustworthy escort for one shipment and one night.  For obvious reasons, details of the shipment can not be revealed in full.  See Trademaster Ilya Kostecka of the Silver Road Gate for details. 


Grieving Mother Seeks Lost Son - 300 gp. for proof of wherabouts or recent contact

Wandering knights, cleric of Iomedae or Sarenrae, or other souls of the old nobility.  Please help.  My son, Berus, went missing over a year ago.  He left home searching for green pastures for his aging mother to spend her last years in.  Please, no jokesters or conmen.  No he is not  in Evercrown Cemetery, nor has he been at the Dangling Stocking in Ardis.  This is not like him.  Please seek out Erle Svitchka in Berus with information.

Barghest Heads - 70 gp. a head.  For inquiries see town watchman, Bodrin Urginkith. Lanitheath.


Kill the Black Eyed Witches – 25,000 gp. for their three heads, 7,000 gp. for each, see Lord Galdana at Willmourn for payment

The black eyed witches of the dread valley Cauldheart must be at it again.  Dark clouds have been seen over the mountain valley from the fishing vessels on Lake Raiteso.  Local wise women report bad omens – dreams of woods that creep toward their village, loggers finding desecrated corpses of mountain goats and deer, and strange moaning from the peeks.


Ardagh Travelers Beware!! Do not travel by Prewller's Field at night!  Dark fey haunt nearby hills.  Unless you're a foolish sod, you'll take my advice!  If not, when you see him, spit in the general direction of my Grishka. He drank too much as he always did at Tershka's Tavern, and now he avoids the fieldwork in the Darklands serving some hussy dark elf as a slave doing the only thing he was ever good for.  Diddling!

Wyrstone Hunters Wanted!  Mercenary bands with real experience may inquire with the major domo at House van de Kuypers in Ardagh. 120 gp. per wyrdstone.  Must be willing to travel in Worldwound territory, fight daemons, and remain unmutated.  Mutated or corrupt mercenaries will be killed on sight!

Spectral Dust – Argat Fooger, Guildmaster in Ardagh seeks spectral dust.  Will pay well!  Must be willing to travel to Willowind Priory at night and as specified.

Rest in Peace – Governess seeks investigators or those who can put poltergeist to rest. Please note, not seeking extermination.  Governess feels indebted to the house spirits, and does not wish them harm.  She just wants peace for herself and her staff!  Additional requirements: Exercise sensitivity to privacy, respect estate grounds, do no disturb estate residents.  Those who can fulfill such professional requirements are encouraged to apply at Forsythe Legal Services in Ardagh. Pay is 1,200 as well as free worldclass lodgings and food while on the job.  Negotiable compensation.


Noble's Fall – Dear residents of Karcau, I'm not crazy you bastards!  Damned Sinarians!  There is blood sacrifice in those swamps and she-devils dance to a dark goddess who will swallow Karcau in its embrace!  And then you'll know I'm right.   – Pink Horse, noble academic now victim


Cure the Curse of Black Aggie – Town council in Hyannis and mayor Bradig Hurlough offer 600 gp. to anyone who cures our town's miners of the choking cough of Black Aggie.  An additional 500 gp. may be earned by anyone who finds the root cause of this curse – whether it be a natural cause, or Black Aggie returned.


Castle Kronquist ExpeditionUniversity of Leipstadt seeks exploration company for ambitious expedition. Project entails complete exploration, mapping, and inventory of contents in the historic site of Castle Kronquist. Dean Viaccari will see any who demonstrate interest and relevant capabilities. Pay: 10,000 gp.


Message Boards, Notices, Gossip

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