Admiral Marris Riddian


Admiral Marris stands surprisingly short, at only 5’ 3", but people often remember her as being much taller. The brisk clip of her boots can often be heard on Castle Golbanze steps. Her golden eyes see clearly at night, giving fuel to rumors that she has the blood of an angel, or St. Ezra. Others whisper that one of her parents drew lineage from Kyonin, way back from the Shining Crusade. Still others say she has the blood of a wolf; luckily, this is the Wolf of Caliphas. Marris listens well, patiently observes, and often has a word of brief encouragement for the guardsmen and women under her command. But when situation demands, she can snarl commands with a ferocity that brooks no discussion.


Admiral Marris Riddian earned her place of command over the fortress, Castle Golbanze, and the Caliphas navy. She maintains vigilant watch over the harbor’s activities through tireless effort an extensive network of informants. Many a smuggler has been surprised to find the admiral board their ship on arrival, seemingly without cause, only to find that she already has full inventory of their smuggled goods before said goods are confiscated for the good of Ustalav. The men and women under her supervision have uncommon loyalty and discipline, one of the reasons they keep so many threats in check: pirates, thieves, dire rats and dangerous vermin that crawl from the sewers, horrors that creep in from the fog off Avalon Bay and Lake Encarthan, and the occasional threat of a sea monster. Against all odds, Admiral Marris stands as a bulwark against the dangers of Ustalav, just as Castle Golbanze

  • Artwork from Wizards of the Coast, Magic the Gathering

Admiral Marris Riddian

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