skilled blacksmith


For the few years Ania had owned a small blacksmith shop in Ipston’s Cross where she earned a reputation with the locals for forging high quality tools. Sulayn noticed her superior craftsmanship and worked with her to design and forge his adamantine spear. Since then word has spread of her success and she has moved her business to West Cushings where she shared space with a few other smiths until buying them out of their lease. Ania’s smithy is called Steelheart. The space has a only a small storefront and as most of her work is commissioned, not a small part for Sulayn and the ap-Blutte academy. She employs three assistants including the girl Alaina the group met in Vauntil on their first adventure together.

Ania is a native of Caliphas. When Sulayn met her she was married to a conman twice her age who had shifty connections to crime in the city. About a year ago he disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. What Ania doesn’t know is that Sulayn got him very drunk and put him coinless on a ship bound for Kerse in Druma.


picture is Female Blacksmith by thomaswievegg on DeviantArt


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