Baron Sadoveanu

visiting Baron


He is the picture of an Irridean prince: pale eyes like a snowdrift on a lake, chiseled marble features, and two deep scars on his cold face to lend him a deadly attractiveness.

Baron Sadoveanu has a taste for the dangerous and an unflinching over-confidence bordering on arrogance. At times he carries himself as if he rides atop a courser over newly conquered lands – bold, dominating. At other times he coldly regards his rivals, assessing their weaknesses, deciding how best to deal with them. One gets the feeling that he’s picturing things far in the future, things that leave one in a state of apprehension.

He frequently wears his deep red coat, a new style adopted in Taldor in which oversized cloaks are worn and used to throw over offending puddles for women. Others claim it’s actually a very traditional military long coat worn by Ardis chevaliers around 4675 – about the time the capital moved from Ardis to Caliphas. Built like a stone sculpture with remarkably broad shoulders,he is clearly suited for martial work, but his manners are understated and sure, marking him highborn, and very likely one of Ardis’ traditionalists.


Baron Sadoveanu keeps to himself generally, but people report seeing him in varied places. Some say he has a special interest in the illicit, and some even say he’s been to the underground vampire clubs of Caliphas. Some women report that he’s taken them to dangerous places which might otherwise be unusual for a nobleman to go: criminal gambling dens, the black market, private clubs with wild performances. They say he prefers Taldane fashion – for those interested in getting his attention.

He does not appear to be from Caliphas, however, and only visits for occasional extended stays. Caliphas nobility whisper that he must have a luxurious estate in Ardis. There are, in fact, Sadoveanu relatives, but they do not acknowledge the Baron as their own. The Sadoveanu make excellent wine and hold winery grounds south of Ardis, though they have been in decline ever since Count Galdyce terrorized the area in the middle of the last century for nearly two decades until vampire hunters finally killed the creature.

Baron Sadoveanu

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