Beris Stonedeep

Instructor at ap-Blutte, retired mercenary


Beris comes from a mercenary company in the southern seas, but has grown tired of the enemies and the lands down south, and longed for climate closer to where he was born a long time ago – the Five Kingdoms. He can’t return there for some reason, and he can’t entirely leave the mercenary life because it’s become a part of him, so here he is, trying to start a new life, away from continuous slaughter and war.

For the several months he has been employed at the ap-Blutte academy taking to the lessons quickly. He is one of two paid staff at the academy working under directly under the other, Simret Tumis. Beris handles most of the logistics of the facility having worked the supply train in his last company but still makes time to teach a few lessons.


Artwork by Bartlomiej Gawel.

Beris Stonedeep

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