Brigadier Holladyne Vronds

Commanding Brigadier of Caliphas local military


His scarred, scowling face can often be seen patrolling Castle Mashir. He barks conversation, unless growling in more private discussion with one of the colonels under his breadth. Brigadier Vronds earned his station through grit in Canterwall and even Virlych. Sometimes, while having a late night stroll, low-ranking soldiers report seeing him stare off the ramparts with a far-away and horrified look on his face


Brigadier Holladyne Vronds presides as the official commander of the military, stationed out of Castle Mashir. Humorless and gray like the stone face of the west castle, he disciplines and trains the Caliphas military. He knows what military experience is, having fielded troops in battle against Beklzen orcs as well as Hungry Mountain goblin tribes. And the scars of these experiences give him plenty to think about – resulting in a constant frown.

  • Artwork by Winona Nelson

Brigadier Holladyne Vronds

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