Brynran Khoraseid

Oldest Resident of the Cairns, Kellid Oracle


Grandmother Khoraseid, the eyeless ancient Kellid woman commands unchallenged respect from the Kellid residents in The Cairns of Valpole, Caliphas. Blind though she is, her sense of smell and hearing more than make up for it. Her brass discs jingle as she walks, and reflect light in varied directions all at once. She asks many questions and answers few, but for those that pay the heavy price and demonstrate themselves friends to the Kellid families of The Cairns, she sometimes provides information that is nearly impossible to attain otherwise.


Local Kellid residents regard her with deep respect, calling her Grandmother Khoraseid, no doubt partly because she is the oldest living resident of The Cairns. Expectant mothers seek her for blessing and hopeful Kellid suitors go to her for advice. Jealous husbands ask her advice and anxious wives seek her guidance in household affairs. But there are those who call her a witch, and call for her to be burned. They say she’s cast horrible curses on people she claims stole from her or the people of The Cairns. While the authorities have not pursued these claims, nobody has denied them. One can only assume the Caliphas authorities don’t wish to enrage residents in The Cairns.

  • Artwork by Anneli Larson

Brynran Khoraseid

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