Calanvald Kindler


He walks with the grace of a dhampir. He is both confident and intuitive, but there is a definite coldness to his features. He appears to miss nothing, and keeps his plans secret. Calanvald does lead by example though. Those who speak to him feel the urgency in his deceptively calm voice, and calculating, predatory instinct just beneath his stony features. Some whisper he becomes more and more like a vampire with each passing year.


Supposedly he is Ailson Kindler’s lost adopted son, born of her now dead or missing lover Duristan Barlhein. He has taken the mantle of the School of the Red Breath, and he hunts for his father’s killer, Galdyce. Legends say that though they killed Galdyce, he rises again, though how a vampire can be killed by skilled hunters and come back to life again is a mystery.

Calanvald Kindler

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