Captain Boverde Hoptler

Captain of the Caliphas Department of Constables and Investigators


Gruff and jaded. the captain isn’t known as a conversationalist. His everyday questions often feel more like an interrogation. But he is fair. He tips well a copper above the general norm, like clockwork, so local merchants generally don’t dislike him too much. And Captain Hoptler is no inquisitor; if the person he’s speaking to looks innocent he can be brisk but polite and professional.


As captain of the Caliphas Department of Constables and Investigators, Hoptler has no time for the idol chatter or fantastic stories the residents of Caliphas all to frequently subject him to. His daily itinerary includes questioning people to pick up clues on any number of disappearances or murders, beating the ground for new illegal events at work in the Underground, and keep a close eye on his watch to make sure they do their job.

  • Artwork from Paizo Publishing, Pathfinder, Ashes at Dawn

Captain Boverde Hoptler

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