Carmilla Caliphvaso

Queen of Caliphas


Always seeming to be on the cusp of her 40th birthday, and unfailingly alluring. Alternating between cool aloofness and demurring charm, although a few whisper of her terrible, private rage. Daring in speech, boldly critical of the current crown, her “ladyship is all that is Ustalav. Ambition’s flame burning atop a taper of pose and undeniable charm, wholly cloaked in a midnight of unspoken temptations.”

*Artwork by Lin, Lady Briarwood


Rumors surround the Queen of Caliphas – bold detractors who have disappeared and clumsy rivals stricken down, a penchant for criminal decadences, and memories of the fact that Lord Genailades courted her heavily over 50 years ago. The worst of the rumors speak of an incestuous relationship with her nephew Renies that had something to do with the disappearance of her sister, Millaera

Carmilla Caliphvaso

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