Charmagne Boudewyn

Vauntil vintner and manager of Dawn's Requiem


Charmagne’s flamoboyant cloak and tunic may be weathered, but they are clearly made of fine cloth. He frequently straightens his oiled mustache as he considers the surrounding accoutrements, the choice of cheese alongside which year of wine, and how best to serve his most particular customers. Those who know him well have noticed a wane look around his eyes this past year and an anxious tension in his jaw.


Charmagne of Vauntil runs Dawn’s Requiem, a ensures that the bar has an ever-changing stock to help compliment whatever spoken verse is being performed. In the past year the place holds uneven hours, sometimes closed in the evening and open in the afternoon. This combined with its small seating and wait-list to be allowed to watch the spoken verse, has made the bar less a place for cutting-edge poetry and superb wine, and more a place to be seen. Fantastic rumors surround the place, such as that Charmagne’s ever-changing bottles are rumored to be supplied by underground contacts – perhaps a Cheliax devil.

Charmagne routinely visits his winery in Vauntil, personally assessing the fermentation process, the barreling, and much of the daily proceedings.

  • Artwork by Susan Helmigh

Charmagne Boudewyn

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