Chef Vido Caldoveri

Gourmet Chef of Dalliance in Eskcourt, the Caliphas city center


Among the elderly and middle-aged academic circles of Leland and Blackwood women whisper of the silver fox who brings Inner Sea culture to Caliphas. Chef Caldoveri smiles coyly at such rumors, perhaps adding a gentle, chook-chook, with his lips, as if to scold such comments. He watches the waitstaff serve the elite of Ustalav, and frequently nobility from the surroundings kingdoms. He listens to everything in the Dalliance like a skilled composer, sometimes motioning for the strings to raise their pitch, or the trombones to mute their brass – only here in Dalliance the strings are cocktail waitstaff or pepper grinders, and the brass is the occasionally passionate sou chef.


Specializing in Taldan cuisine, the restaurant of Chef Vido Caldoveri ranks among the finest in Caliphas. Part of its appeal comes from its mystery, as Caldoveri closely guards the secret of his menu—which changes nightly, supposedly without repetition—and exotic ingredients. Unless one is royalty, reservations to dine at Dalliance must be placed months in advance, and while the prices prove as extravagant as the mysterious multiple-course meals, the house’s lavish amenities—like private dining rooms, skilled musicians, individual wait staff, and personal food tasters— make the experience well worth the cost.

  • Artwork by Charro

Chef Vido Caldoveri

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