Colonel Joelm Colmar

Commanding officer of Castle Borgoffi


Thinning red hair and dark eyes, Joelm has weathered quite a few dangerous patrols in northern Ustalav, and even some goblin skirmishes in Amaans. He drinks generously and sometimes speaks to himself, but he does keep it together for his official duties at Castle Borgoffi. When not drinking at the local tavern he can be found thoughtfully smoking from a large cigar by the large braziers of the fortress.


Colonel Joelm Colmar, the commanding officer of Castle Borgoffi, “Rusty Sword of Caliphas” resents his position, seeing the post as a boring career cul-de-sac. On most days, he entertains himself by tending to his two dozen pet ravens, kept in an expansive coop on the castle’s roof.

  • Artwork by Tristan Denecke

Colonel Joelm Colmar

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