Well-connected rogue with a great many interests & connections in unexpected places


Diaudin appears to be a slender man with bedroom eyes that pull naive suitors in. His lips may be upturned, as if in slight smile, but gives away little. It’s as if everything is touched with a bit of humor in his world, but not enough to touch his heart. Pale, with dark eyes and dark wavy and short hair, he makes a striking figure at parties. When he chooses he wears the absolutely finest tailored suits. At other times, he’s not above wearing soiled pants with stained coats.


Some have ventured that he collects information for a noble on trade. Others swear he works for the Underground thieves’ guild, citing his involvement in smuggling operations and murders (which notably went unsolved in official constabulary notes). Still others have sworn they’ve seen him at the masquerade, even kissed him. And that it was marvelous. Clearly, imaginations have run wild with this tall, dark and handsome man.


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