Dr. Low

Private Owner of the Seventh Eye & Instructor in Tian Philosophy and Culture


Those who have seen Dr. Low describe him as a polite, well-dressed man with cultured bearing and distinctly Tian features. He often wears expensive silk robes of Tian style. A middle-aged man, he conveys both experience and acuity.


Very people have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Low in person, and generally do so on his terms. He conducts the business of exotic foods and goods, and oversees the Seventh Eye restaurant’s management, as well as a small private school at the same site which focuses on Tian philosophy, language, culture, and history. The restaurant keeps odd hours, opening on Dr. Low’s whims, but those go out of their way to appreciate rare culinary delicatessens have ways of finding out when the Seventh Eye is open for business. Above the restaurant is the school, and above that are private offices for managing the workings of Seventh Eye. The windows to the second and third floor are stained dark colors and framed in iron, preventing any peeping eyes on the closely guarded secrets of the Seventh Eye school.

  • artwork by Yasuki Tsujiken

Dr. Low

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