Edjureus Maude

Master of the Caliphas branch of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye


Edjureus is a dour man who takes his responsibilities very seriously. His face sags a little under the weight of the secrets he knows and his eyelids hang a little low as he assesses any new agent he is to deal with. Master Maude dresses in fine robes with hidden pockets for a variety of missives he carries on him, encoded in the Order’s secret codes. Meticulous in all things, he wears gloves to avoid unnecessarily touching cursed artifacts or poisoned material.


Master Maude only recently became the Caliphas Master of the Order, due to the unexpected death of the previous Master. This makes Edjureus even more prudent than usual, and he keeps even more careful record of who comes and who goes, who accesses the hidden vaults of the Order, and remarkable individuals within the city that might prove useful.

  • Artwork from BeyondtheBlackGate.com

Edjureus Maude

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