Ferez Talbek

owner of Talbek's Trinkets


Ferez has a ready smile and twinkling eyes. He makes casual conversation while sizing up his patrons – the better to determine future prizes he can pass their way. He’s considered attractive, for those who like a shorter man, and his curly brown locks have a healthy shine. When appraising he sometimes wears glasses to inspect minute details.


His store specializes in unique items brought into the city from other nations. They’re not generally magical. Often they’re special rugs, fine accessories, crystal wear from Cheliax, Varisian curtains – that sort of thing. But he does also have contacts who can obtain more remarkable equipment. The magical sort. His contacts let him obtain minor magic items with more ease, and very rarely lesser magic items. He’s never dealt in greater magic items. And martial weapons and armor just isn’t his thing.

Ferez Talbek

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