General Drannon Ulvodos

General of the Ustalav army


General Drannon Ulvodos does not hide his disdain for foreigners. He knows the power he wields, and makes sure others around him remember. His father earned him this honor, and he must do his part to return Ustalav to its former glory and its destined future greatness. His once silky brown hair has dimmed from hints of gray, and he fixes most people he speaks to with a withering gaze, but he has just enough potence in him to command one great war. Certainly enough to teach brigands not to engage the General of the Ustalavan Army in hand-to-hand combat.

Those who spend any time with him must be prepared to hear of Ustalav’s history, though none of it in first-hand accounts. Anyone foolish enough to argue in public, or worse, make the general look foolish, can expect nearly unchallenged retribution. Few people are worth the general’s time, unless of course, they can help him achieve that greatness he hungers for.


General Drannon Ulvodos, head of the Ustalavic army, holds his offices in Castle Balatz along with his support staff. While the aging general has never seen battle—his father having won him the title in a decades-old political machination—he seeks every opportunity to indulge his power, constantly counseling the prince to warlike ends. In the meantime, he makes sure to occasionally harass traders and travelers entering through the main trade gate. He views it as his honor to zealously enforce border security in the nation’s capital against Razmiran spies or Kellid parasites, and while doesn’t “have the time” to devote the attention this deserves, each person his men detain is an example to dozens of others entering the city. Dozens of operatives travel the nation to report on the state of border patrol across Ustalav, and Castle Balatz receives daily messengers on this subject.

  • Artwork from Starcraft II

General Drannon Ulvodos

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