Harbormaster Jasaline Morstenni

Caliphas Harbormaster


Harbormaster Jasaline is a well-known face on the Caliphas docks. While making her daily rounds, she makes it her business to know what comes in and out of the city, in crates and on ships. If it comes into the harbor, it must be checked. Despite that, most merchants welcome the sight of her gemstone blue eyes and sandy blonde waves. And she’s easy to spot, in her stylish leathers, although they suite the needs as well, providing a little protection and warmth. Her hat was purchased right in Caliphas’ Hawthorne Rows, at her favorite hat shop, and attracts the eye with its fat garnet.


The office of Harbormaster Jasaline Morstenni overlooks the city’s busy western docks. Strict and stern when it comes to matters of nautical taxes and safety, Morstenni holds the respect of her officers and regulars on the city’s docks, her charm and good looks easing the sting of the citations and fines typically left in her wake.

  • Artwork by Magali Neuve

Harbormaster Jasaline Morstenni

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