Harran Poltyas

Current Owner and Caretaker of the Caliphas Poltyas Zoological Park


Harran is a young, unorthodox noble. More comfortable with animals than people, he generally does no demonstrate much noble etiquette. He does however understand how to host the gentle class and is gifted with a generous spirit. His family has long been the caretaker of the city’s finest hunting grounds, but his welcoming nature and philanthropic spirit now hosts small groups of school children or interested parties who wish to admire the zoo’s animals. Harran enjoys the company of anyone who truly appreciates seeing the wonders of the natural world.


When Harran Poltvas inherited the Poltyas Hunting Grounds he eliminated the private hunting grounds of the Poltyas Zoological Park and expanded the menagerie to a zoo with an eye toward scientific research and education, and opened its gate to the public, requiring only token donations for entry. Harran is always eager to bring in new creatures and sometimes hires adventurers to procure specific exhibits. He dismisses fears of dangerous creatures escaping and rumors of even stranger and more deadly exhibits hidden away, but accessible though secret private tours, with equal genial ease.

  • artwork by V Wei

Harran Poltyas

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