Ioseff Korinsky

mad rat catcher under a vampire's influence


His eyes quickly shift from an uncomfortably long stare to rapid glances in several directions. Frequently, his dirty rags give off the pungent smell of fetid sewer water that’s settled into the folds of his sleeves or his pants as well as a rank, and equally strong odor he says come from the root tea he likes to drink. Balding at the top, his remaining gray hair springs from his scalp in wiry tufts.

He’s been known to discuss the particulars of wines, the finer points of rat catching, cat stewing, “juicy little morsels,” the Master’s will, the checkered history of Ustalav – especially the “Dark Reign” of the “immortal king” in which “true Ustalav nobility survived and then learned to thrive.” Most Caliphas residents only knew about the first couple topics, but the group has had some varied discussions with Ioseff.


Ioseff was once one of the most prolific rat catchers in recent Caliphas history (past 5-10 years). He had reasonable success hunting rats of the mundane variety. At some point he grew interested in being a part of aristocratic gatherings and discovered the The Dawn Requiem in his work in the sewers. He began selling the location of the bar to interesting parties capable of paying large sums. Eventually he encountered a benefactor of sorts, according to his journals – someone named Dominicus.

Apparently this Dominicus, a lord, perhaps a vampire, fit the description of the mysterious gentleman responsible for the Hawthorne Murders. He appreciated Taldane fashion, and wore a tall Taldane hat, and the murders occurred near the boundary of Ashtown and Hawthorne, but Ipston Cross – a cross street. A hefty price is offered for leads that result in the interview of the Ipston Gentleman, seen near the scene of crimes soon before bodies are discovered. In Ioseff’s basement were about ten zombies that seemed to all have died in the past half a year, matching Ioseff’s journal entries of when he met the mysterious gentleman (or a little before that meeting). If these bodies are related, then that means that the body count for this Hawthorne murderer may be two or three times the amount formally acknowledged by the constabulary.

Ioseff Korinsky

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