Saint Josephine of Chastel

Saint of Iomedae and peasant revolutionary


Josephine rose to prominence in the town of Chastel, Lozeri, at the young age of 15. As a young acolyte of Iomedae, she was horrified by what she viewed as the systemic abuse of the people of Lozeri by the nobility, and found a place in the growing revolutionary movement of the province. From the start, her youth, religious standing, and charisma made her a figure rallied behind, and she found herself at the forefront of the numerous bread marches that are typically started as the true beginning of the Palitanate revolt. During this period she underwent numerous savage beatings at the hands of soldiers and mercenaries in the employ of the local nobility, but her resolve was only hardened, and the people further outraged. Still, she argued against retaliation, beseeching her followers to show their valor through unarmed determination, rather than ill-fated war.

Quickly gaining popularity, she led mobs of peasants which stormed the offices of local officials, throwing them out into the mud and naming them class traitors and servants of the corrupt nobility. She placed a number of sympathetic members of the church in their place, most notably a small handful of retired Knights of Ozem and Mendevian Crusaders who had been drawn to her cause.

From here, she left Chastel and pursued similar techniques across neighboring cities, effectively cutting off the local influence of the nobility with relatively little bloodshed, and soon taking to seizing noble estates as well. Many of her followers accompanied her on these journeys, referring to her as “Saint Josephine” for the righteous work she did to secure freedom and prosperity for them all, and for the individual heroism she continued to show in standing up against counter-revolutionary forces unarmed.

After the successful completion of the revolution, exactly what became of Josephine becomes somewhat unclear. For a time she stayed in the Palitanates, being granted many gifts and offices by the new leadership there, but it quickly became clear that a life of calm was not for her and she left to join the Mendevian crusade. For many years she was not seen until returning at the head of a band of crusaders in 4707 A.R and taking to the road, declaring that it was her mission to spread the revolution across all the lands still held by the nobility. Many were astonished by her return, having assumed her dead or lost, but rejoiced, citing both this, and her long extended youth, as further evidence of her sainthood.


Josephine was encountered by the group in the county of Versex where she had been spreading revolutionary fervor amonst the towns. However, the Smiling Man, an Oni in the service of Gi the Magnificent, had disguised himself as her, and was also making the rounds, perverting her message and spreading chaos, violence, and mistrust amongst the people of the region.
Josephine was violently apprehended by the group, refusing to fight back, and held until they had dealt with The Smiling Man.
Realizing an imposter was largely to blame for what had occurred, Viscount Aetherton Lowls released her, with an agreement she would leave the county of Versex.
She did so, travelling with Vali to the city of Ardis, where they parted ways.

Saint Josephine of Chastel

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