Leilatha Isilme

singer thought dead, mother of Sulayn


A soul too fragile and too reckless to last long on Golarion Leilantha was a talented singer with an unearthly voice. Driven by curiosity she traveled far and wide in the cities of men driven on by her restlessness. Everywhere she went she gathered stories and turned them into songs, exaggerating the drama and horror. She was barely two hundred when she met the strange Lux ap-Blut, a human refugee from a world being overtaken by ice. He was her champion and her lover for a few years before she became bored again and fell into the trouble that would end her life. By Lux she had her second son Sulayn Isilme.

Leilantha was dead and buried on a hill overlooking the city of Daggermark when Sulayn was very young. It was decades later that her first son Ecaeris caught the trail of her apparently still alive in Caliphas. This drew Sulayn to meet his brother in Caliphas and the two searched for her for months. It was Sulayn who finally found her but their reunion was only brief seconds before she was murdered by the Baron Sadoveanu only seconds before the famous vampire hunter Persephone ended his ancient existence. Sulayn stood stunned as the ashes of his crumbling mother fell away. Before she was gone Leilantha begged forgiveness and gave him a letter to share with his brother.


character portrait by Sangsoo Jeong at ArtStation

Leilatha Isilme

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