Luvick Siervage

vampire lord of Caliphas underworld


Skin like marble. Eyes of a corpse. Hair like finely spun gold and cobwebs. And teeth as white as snow. He is old, even by vampiric standards, now over a thousand years old. He dresses in archaic aristocratic fashion and has impeccable manners. Still, his predatory nature shines through.


As lord of the Caliphas underworld, Luvick Siervage keeps himself abreast of his children of the night. He has dozens of spies in the city watching mortal and undead alike, reporting to him and bringing him back information and resources in a myriad of forms.

He was alive during the time of the Whispering Tyrant, and is one of the only vampires still alive from that dark age in Ustalav history. Originally he came to Caliphas to escape the control of the Whispering Tyrant, enjoying some measure of civilization in the city so far away from the lich-king. He maintained a quiet rebellion as best he could with a small coterie of vampires that also wished to be free of the Tyrant’s rule. He moved his home to Caliphas underground in 3866, just 40 years after the fall of the Whispering Tyrant. In 4288 he was forced go further in hiding and commanded the vampires of the city to initiate a “masquerade” in which they curtailed their wanton slaughter of innocents and learned to live among the mortal residents more quietly.

Luvick Siervage

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