Marian Vatraska

Sczarni elder and fortune teller in Valpole


Her eyes appear to stare past the superficial affects that hide lies or the aristocratic airs that nobility occasionally take when they have visited her out of some desperate need. She commands respect from nearby Sczarni, who watch her wagon and guard her from intrusion. She appears somewhere between 60 and 90 years old, but no one is quite sure of her age. She speaks in a Varno Sczarni dialect of Varisian.


Marian Vatraska spends a lot of time in her brightly painted wagon, adorned with silks. She sees occasional visitors, often asking one of her sons to direct people she’s picked out to her wagon. Why she picks these individuals varies – sometimes because she does not like their presence, sometimes because they have a destiny that needs to be read, sometimes because they’ve been asking around for her.

Marian Vatraska

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