sharp minded, sharp tongued familiar with a merciless hatred for those who prey on the innocent

Attributes Skills
Strength – D4 Cilmbing – D6
Agility – D10 Fighting – D6 Stealth – D8
Vigor – D6
Smarts – D8 Know. Occult – D4 Streetwise – D4 Survival – D4 Notice – D6
Spirit – D6 Guts – D6
Derived Stats Parry – 5/6 Toughness – 3


Children of the Night signcontrast

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Special Traits
Wild Card Mila’s player may spend bennies for Mila and she receives a Wild die for all Trait rolls, but Mila does not have her own separate benny pool.
Size -2 Attackers subtract 2 when attempted to hit Mila because of her size (for ranged or melee combat). Mila receives -2 Toughness for her size modifier.
Acrobat Mila receives +2 when attempting acrobatic maneuvers and +1 Parry when unencumbered.
Low-light Vision Negates penalty in dim or dark light, up to but not including complete darkness.