Paulent Forsythe

First Captain of the Gateguard Academy


First Captain Paulent Forsythe is not particularly tall, strong, ugly, charming, or imposing. What he has instead is experience. He has spent years controlling unruly citizen mobs, small riots in Ardis or Caliphas, battling bandits outside Caliphas, dueling nobility in refined settings, and leading men in brutal war.

Approaching 60 now, his hair is thinning – a development that has led to him growing out his sideburns in Taldoran military fashion. He always carries himself neatly and observes the proper etiquette of the situation. His wife accompanies him to church services to Pharasma, and he often meets his two children there.

With his students he is strict but fair. He watches their martial practice as closely as he does their behavior in between practice or on their way to classes. Character is paramount for the Gateguard, and he demonstrates that in spades.

  • Artwork from Warhammer Fantasy

In 4687 Count Aericnein Neska of Barstoi accused Count Olomon Venacdahlia of criminally squandering the country’s resources in the fallow yet potentially bountiful Furcina region of the Dragosvet Plains, thus beginning the War Without Rivals. Appeals for justice from Ardeal became mired in political squabbling, so Ardeal and Varno combined forces to attempt to repel the invaders.

First Captain Paulent Forsythe rose from a highborn but inexperienced seargeant of a small precinct in the Ardis city guard to a decorated field marshal in the six years the War Without Rivals raked men over what became known as the Furrows. He began the war as a new father in his early thirties who commanded little respect on the fields of war. He left the War of Rivals almost forty, but feeling more like 60.

When he returned to Ardis he received a hero’s welcome for his long suffering and for leading his men through some measure of success in a war where everyone lost. He also earned himself an invitation to work in the Caliphas city guard as a captain of the West Cushing precinct office. From there he joined the Gateguard Academy and studied there for 10 years. He is now the senior instructor in the Caliphas Gateguard Academy branch.

Paulent Forsythe

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