Prince Aduard Ordranti III

Crown Prince of Ustalav


The picture of Ustalav grace and strength. A look from him and one feels that one must live up to his grace’s confidence. To look at him is to feel shame that you whine so much at your aches. His discipline in every movement inspires everyone around him, yet he has a generous laugh and encourages honesty in all those around him. He bears none of the haughty arrogance of his noble court members and clearly prefers the simple company of a soldier.


From a young age he was predisposed toward hunting and cavorting with soldiers, had a hearty disposition, and travel that led him into danger. His bravery and dismissal of class boundaries quickly led him to become a favorite of Ustalav’s populace. In the years since becoming crown prince at 29, at the sudden death of his brother, he has born his un-asked for responsibilities with grace. In the 36 years he’s been prince he has tempered his trusting nature with a military stoicism and prudence, especially since the War Without Rivals. Prince Aduard continues to trust in Pharasma’s guidance, and grown more skilled in political maneuvering.

  • Artwork from Pathfinder, Rule of Fear

Prince Aduard Ordranti III

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