Pytor of Droa

Old cook and servant of Elias Redcliff


Agility: d6
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d6
Strength: d4
Vigor: d6

Fighting: d4
Guts: d6
Investigation: d6
Knowledge (Cooking): d12 + 2
Knowledge (History): d8 + 2
Knowledge (Occult): d8
Knowledge (Languages): d4
Knowledge (Religion): d4
Notice: d4
Persuasion: d4
Repair: d4
Riding: d4
Survival: d8

Scholar (history, cooking)


Derived Stats
Pace: 6
Parry: 5
Toughness: 5

Notable Equipment
Riding Pony
Cooking Gear

5: Brave
10: Survival to d8, Guts to d6
15: Scholar (cooking, history)
20: Knowledge (Occult) to d4, Knowledge (History) to d8
25: Knowledge (Occult) to d8
30: Knowledge (Language, and Religion) to d4


Pytor was born on the banks of the river Droa on the 11th of Castril, 4655, but migrated as a young man to Caliphas after his family was largely killed in the civil war. On arrival he found work in the kitchens of a series of the city’s better inns, quickly mastering the art of cooking. Eventually, while working a banquet at Renishaw Svete Redcliff took notice of his abilities and hired him on as the new head chef, to the considerable annoyance of his old employer.

At Renishaw Pytor found Pytor was given much room to stretch his talent, and over the years became one of the Redcliff’s most trusted servants, almost regarded as a member of the family. In his free time he learned to read, eventually becoming a near fixture of the Renishaw library. He had a particular love for history, recounting many old tales to the Redcliff children in their younger years, and at times serving as a confidant as they grew older.

Pytor, now solidly in his 50s, though not exactly sure himself, has largely taken a back seat in the kitchens in recent years, though he continues some of his other duties as a sort of ad hoc butler, with the Redcliffs happy to let his slide towards a comfortable retirement.

Still, this increased time has given Pytor’s mind time to wander to dreams of seeing the wider world he has read so much about, and as such he was less than reluctant to accompany Elias on his journey when asked, continuing his job as personal chef and servant to the young noble.

Along their journeys Pytor has proudly watch the slow maturation of the young man, while finding small opportunities to bond with and offer the occasional counsel to his friends. On his own terms however, he has also come to understand that the world contains whole realms of knowledge beyond what he has read in his history books. In his spare time he has dived into such darker knowledge, realizing that history gives a very different perspecctive that occult study. Spending months in the Quarterfaux archives researching the Black Blade of Elias ancestors has provided ample opportunity for this curiousity to find route, as well as develop a few friendships with fellow scholars.

Pytor of Droa

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