Randolf Uldovik

Ordinary of the Order of the Red Breadth


Agility: d8 Smarts: d8 Spirit: d6 Strength: d8 Vigor: d8
Pace: 6 Parry: 9 Toughness: 6 (8)
Guts: d10 Fighting: d10 Throwing: d8 Notice: d6 Stealth: d6 Climbing: d6 Investigation: d6 Tracking: d6 Streetwise: d6 Knowledge Monsters: d8
Silvered Longsword (d8 + str), 4 Powder Boxs (3d6 small burst, 3), Chain Hauberk , Large Shield
Nerves of Steel (ignore 1 wound penalty)
Armiger (+ 1 parry)
Brave (+ 2 on fear tests)
Giant Killer (+ 1d6 against things 3 sizes larger than him)
Creature Hunter (If a creature rolls a 1 to hit them, once per combat, +1 on skill rolls vs. that creature or creatures of the same type for the remainder of combat)

Born in Sturnidae, in the heart of the worst parts of Barstoi, Randolf has never had an easy life, but that has served him well over the years. Well-worn to every nature of trouble, he is able to take most problems in stride, accepting that the life he has chosen can lead to nothing else.

Still, behind his calm and detached exterior is a beating heart of idealism. Growing up in Barstoi he was initially lured by the life of the witch hunter. Risking life and limb to fight the forces of darkness that seemed to loom in from every side held great temptation for him, and he worked hard as a youth to be ready to join their “illustrious” ranks. However, their clear excesses also became increasingly obvious to him over the years, and eventually he decided to strike out on his own, leaving Barstoi for a life on the road, doing what he could for the people of Ustalav.

After a few modest successes, he encountered a wandering veteran of the school of the Red Breadth. At first, the two simply travelled and worked together, but over time became very close, and Randolf found himself inducted into the order. Eventually, the two parted, and Randolf has travelled largely on his own ever since, doing the work of the Order.

Now some 20 years into his career, Randolf has risen to a position of some respect among his fellows, and his recommendation of a possible recruit is taken into good counsel by his superiors.


Recently, Randolph was asked by order elders to accompany a group of Barstoi Witch Hunters on a job in Caliphas. The intention had been to build relations between the two organizations which aligned in goals, if not means. Things did not go as planned. Captain Bergov of the hunters was instead humiliated and sent running by the group in the basement of Gernikov manor, while Randolf stayed behind to meet these far more interesting adventurers.

After events at Gernikov, he set out to track down the Smiling Man they had encountered there, tracking him to northern reaches of Versex. He requested the aid of the group, and together they were able to root out and kill the Smiling Man. However, in the process, they learned that The Smiling Man was in the service of a beholder by the name of Gi.

He promised to arrange a meeting between the group and his superior who had once encountered such a beast, and parted ways to arrange this, cautioning that it may take some time to accomplish.

Randolf Uldovik

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