Regan Saramul

Head Curator of the Quarterfaux Archives


Regan is a pleasant man who carries himself with the posture and elegance of nobility. He frequently smiles politely and makes small jests when socializing with peers and royalty, as he is called on to do more often than one would expect, being the Head Curator of the highest academic institution in Ustalav (with possible exception to Leipstaft University). Generally, he wears his well-known red coat of station when out and about, and moves with grace despite his cane.

  • Artwork by Ailmur

Regan is more than the good-natured Head Curator. He knows that kindness is a better way to gain eyes and ears than fear, and he is well aware that he has need of allies and information in the station he occupies. Few surpass Regan in knowledge, especially in matters of Ustalav history, artifact lore, languages, cultural knowledge. The Caliphas elite love to invite him to parties and hear his titillating stories of exotic cultural practices.

Regan Saramul

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