Ritambros Deymarian

Chief Alchemist of Caliphas


Always accompanied by his trained lemur, Ritambros can generally be found in his lab working on a number of projects at once. He may not hear those who come to him without an appointment, and has been known to ignore one persistent noble’s knocking for over an hour. The head alchemist smells of sulphur and whaleoil, putrefying flesh, and bark. He is balding, with half a head of white wispy hair and his beard bears a distinct dwarven influence with its braids fastened by bronze beads. Despite his age, he retains quite a bit of energy.


Castle Borgoffi’s eccentric master of arms, Ritambros Deymarian, also experiments in the development of new weapons of war, and has been known to pay for such strange materials as molds from the Darklands, undead body parts, and diseased rats to employ in the creation of his prototype arms and ammunitions.

Ritambros Deymarian

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