Sen Stokov


Sen generally speaks plainly – happy to get on with business, which is always flowing through the Cavalier’s Charge. His wide grin often sees off bands of mercenaries on their way to the Worldwound or to hunt monsters in the Ustalav wilds, and his bright smile stays with them in the following days as perhaps the last honest, encouraging face they will ever see. Sen experienced enough of the Ustalav’s wilds when he served in the military, and counts himself lucky to have survived. He will sometimes swap stories about orc raids or patrols in Canterwall or Lozeri. And he always keeps an ear out for rumors of Lozeri ales imported to Caliphas.


Cavalier’s Charge has been owned by the Stokov family for generations. The owner Sen Stokov knows the dangers of Ustalav well, having served in the military in various capacities until his recent retirement. While the Cavalier’s Charge doesn’t have the finest goods, it is well-stocked with common and necessary gear and has some of the most competitive prices. Sen appreciates a good conversation about the qualities of weapons and armor, and has been known to discount his better items for travelers who prove themselves capable or disciplined. Thus, adventurous customers can find a variety of supplies critical for facing the many dangers found throughout Ustalav at Cavalier’s Charge, and sometimes a few good pieces of advice for caring for those supplies.

  • artwork by Citadel Studios

Sen Stokov

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