Sulayn Isilme

Mercenary in search of his family


Male half elf from the war torn River Kingdoms
37 years old, looks a little younger. Short brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. Dresses in unadorned well made clothes of indistinct class. His armor and weapons are high quality and well cared for.

Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d10 m
Skills: Fighting d12, Stealth d6+1, Climbing d4, Swimming d4, Riding d4+1, Repair d4, Socialize d6-2, Persuasion d4-2, Notice d4, Guts d8+4, Intimidate d4, Healing d4+1
Derived Stats: Pace 7 m, run+1 m, Parry 11/12, Toughness 10/9 (3/2 armor), Charisma -2

Languages: Elven (speak/read/write), Common/Taldane (speak/read/write), Varisian (speak only)

Half Elven Racial Template: Human Heritage Edge, Low Light Vision, Outsider Hindrance
Starting Edges: Acrobat, Agility, Agility
Hindrances: Overconfident (Major), Code of River Freedoms (minor), Loyalty (minor)
Advancement Edges: First Strike (N5), Raise Strength (N10), Armiger (N15), Counterattack (S20), Raise Spirit (S25), Elan (S30), Frenzy (S35), Raise Agility (V40), Mighty Blow (V45), Fighting + Intimidate (V50), Gateguard Academy (V55), Raise Vigor (H60), Imp First Strike (H65), Imp Frenzy (H70), Brave (H75), ap-Blute (L80), Unique Style (L90), Guts + Healing (L100), Raise Strength (L110), Crushing Blow (L120), Trademark Weapon (130)

Gateguard Academy: Parry +1 if struck out to range of 1 last turn. Improved First Strike out to range of 1
ap-Blute Academy: ½ penalty to Called Shots. Reflexive Called Shots on any strike. +1 to resist Intimidation and Persuasion.

Equipment: mw stealthed adamantine scale armor lion courage (9.5#), mw wyvernhide stealthed Helmet (2#), Explorer Harness (-3#), mw adamantium Glaive conceal, exquisite (12#), silvered Dagger (1#), mw cold iron Dagger (1#), mw ironwood Dagger hidden in boot (1#), mw elven Flute (1#), Canteen (3# full), Trail Rations (5# eat last), Journal, stylus, ink (1#), water purifying sponge (.5#), mw healing kit (3#), mw tools (3#), Thasalonian Runed Bracer of Vigor +1 die (2#), Ring of Spider Climb. Boots of Fleetness.
Consumables: Restoration Elixir (1#), Antiplague (1#), Alchemical Grease (1#), Flash Powder.
Total weight carried: 45# of 50#

Other Possessions of Note: Fancy, sturdy carriage, x2 fine outfits, lease on Academy building.


character portrait by NickRoblesArt on DeviantArt
standing spearman by PatBoutin on DeviantArt


Son of the elven singer Leilatha and the off worlder Lux ap-Blut from Rassilon.

Growing up in the shadow of a legendary warrior Sulayn was taught to fight from a young age. For the past several years Sulayn has been taking work as a mercenary under various banners in the warring River Kingdoms. This deadend career was cut short by a strange letter from his brother Ecaeris who insisted he had seen their long dead mother alive and well. Unfortunately the letter took some time to find Sulayn and is over a year old. When Sulayn finally arrives in Ustalav he hears news of his brother in the Caliphas.

Personality: Still young by elven counting Sulayn has spent many years among humans. His optimistic and adventurous nature has been tempered by his father’s lessons and nearly a decade spent as a mercenary. He is ready to leave that work behind having grown tired of fighting for others’ causes and putting his life in the hands of commanders usually far removed from the fighting. Deeply ingrained in Sulayn are the six River Freedoms, a code he struggles to understand better and live by.

From his mother he has inherited an unbridled sense of wonder and possibility. From his father he has learned the strength of discipline and caution.

Sulayn doesn’t follow a specific faith but honors and supports many deities. He particularly respects Sarenae, Milani, Hanspur, and Desna. Despite their popularity in the River Kingdoms he finds Gorum and Cayden Cailean distasteful. His mother’s favored deity was Shelyn and Sulayn leaves a flower on the goddesses shrine on her birthday.

Upbringing: Sulayn was born and spent his childhood in the warring River Kingdoms moving from city to city following his mother’s whims and his father’s employment. Upon his mother’s death his father moved them to the elven bordertown of Greengold where he spent his teenage years training under his father and assisting his cousin on her hippogriff ranch. As an adult he returned to the River Kingdoms where he has spent the past several years there working as a mercenary.

His mother Leilatha Isilme was a talented singer with an unearthly voice. She drove Sulayn and his father from city to city throughout the River Kingdoms gathering stories for her songs. Her wanderlust and discontentment often put the family in very dangerous situations. Sulayn remembers her as a loving, but distant mother and the epitome of grace. When Sulayn was young she took up an affair with a traveling aristocrat from Ustalav. The affair was discovered and she fell ill and died weeks later. Sulayn, Lux and Ecaeris saw her buried but Ecaeris has insisted he has seen her alive in Caliphas.

His father Lux ap-Blut is a refugee from a doomed world being overtaken by ice and snow. Arriving on Golarion through the mists of Ustalav he settled in the River Kingdoms where he became a local legend due to his fighting prowess and unique style. He married the elven singer Leilatha and raised Sulayn. After his wife’s death he moved them to Greengold in Kylonin where he still lives in comfortable retirement. He does not know, and would not believe, that his wife Leilatha is still alive. “There are other worlds than this Sulayn. And this one is not mine.” – Lux ap-Blut

Ecaeris Isilme is the first son of Leilatha by another father. He is a full blooded elf and looks to be around Sulayn’s age despite being a century older. He is a cheerful and gregarious scholar who shares a good deal of his mother’s careless wanderlust. He was last known to be in the city of Caliphas where he wrote Sulayn that he had seen their mother.

Haalija Srinshee is Sulayn’s cousin, his mother’s brother’s child. She manages a hippogriffin ranch on the outskirts of Greengold. Sulayn worked for her during his teenage years.

Sulayn’s Journal Entries
Goblin Trouble in Vauntil
New to Caliphas
Tea with the Rat Catcher
Meeting the Gateguard
Into the Sinkhole
Study Break
Odd Job
Running Blades
Into the North
Only One River
Cornered Rats
Dinner with Abert
Back to School

Sulayn Isilme

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