Tidadimara is an old Vudrani women with gray hair and wrinkled features. Her dark eyes are dull with age and her hands shake, but she can still catch a pincher when they dare to come inside. She may threaten with a flesh-eating curse, then cackle in the next second.


The smell of cloves and cinnamon dominates the cramped, smoky tea house of the veiled Vudrani fortune-teller Tidadimara. The Mists and Dreams is a cramped store in Leland, Caliphas full of imported Xian or Varundi teas, various ingredients for arcane recipes, Harrow cards, perfumes and incense, figurine of supposedly wondrous power, potions for every need the Caliphas resident may have, scarves, rings, and even a taxidermy naga over the bar. In the day, tittering young scholars from Blackwood Academy, Caliphas College, or the Calivphaso School for Girls. At night ruffians from Ashtown or Valpole can occasionally be seen coming in and out.


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