Tressa Lynyse


Only 19 years old, but she drinks with pirates and throws knives with Sczarni. She is an extremely capable swordswoman, and has the confidence of a woman ten years her senior. Tressa is smart and daring, but those who know her well know that she is also just as kind. Among those she counts as friends she uses her charms to get them to relax and talk freely, maybe drink freely and let go of their worries.


Tressa dreams of being an adventurer, but since she has only recently graduated from Blackwood Academy she isn’t entirely sure what that means. She knows that for some people that can look like wandering the countryside and delving into dungeons long abandoned, but she is smart enough to realize most never make it out of such a life alive. She also knows mercenaries can’t be entirely trusted, but so far she’s been able to pick a good fight or two with them by the docks in Caliphas, and that’s earned her a purse or two, as well as a black eye and a good conscience for protecting some poor gentleman about to be ambushed in a dark street.

Of late, her family notices she has little interest in attending charity events with them. They suppose it has something to do with her youth – a late inclination to try on a different, darker persona. They assume it’s a faze.

Tressa Lynyse

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