Simret Tumis

Sword for hire, friend of Sulayn


Tumis is not a particularly pleasant person to be around. Outspoken and abrasive she manages to even offend other hardened mercenaries. As a result she has lots of acquaintances but few friends. Sulayn is lucky to count himself one of those as she helped him find odd jobs when he first arrived in Caliphas. The two met two years ago and have shared a few jobs and more of their downtime together since. Tumis worked for several years as a fairly successful hired sword taking jobs around the southern Ustalev and as far out as Razmiran. She hated Razmiran and admitted one night that she did some things there she is not proud of.

For the past year Tumis has been working and living at the ap-Blutte academy she helped Sulayn found. Technically she is the school’s sergeant at arms but functionally she runs the place as Sulayn is only rarely present. When he is Tumis tolerates his meddling in the day to day affairs knowing he’ll be gone soon enough and she can put things back to order her way. Fortunately the two see eye to eye on the important goals of the academy. Personally they still get along quite well as Tumis is one of the few people who couldn’t care less about Sulayn’s rocket to success in Gateguard and subsequent fall from grace.


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Simret Tumis

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