Tuscenda Balzac

Founder of the Marian Leigh Fencing Academy for Women


Tescenda has always been an independent thinker, and her eyes convey the depth of that fierce streak. She frequently keeps her wild blond hair back, though it may be dripping from the Ustalav rain she disregards as she conducts punishing yet orderly classes. Her swordsmanship now flows through all of her movements.


To Balzac, the art of war may only be mastered by those who master the art of control, and social control is the highest form.

Men have long underestimated women, and this school attempts to exploit that weakness. Exactly why Balzac chooses to teach women military matters is known only to her. Some say that that Balzac started her school after some great slight, such as being cut out from an inheritance because of her gender. Others say she simply grew sick of seeing Ustalav’s men drink and eat when so many dangers threatened to tear it apart.

*Artwork by Youngjae Choi

Tuscenda Balzac

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