Ulammo Toriso

Owner of the Crown and Carriage Livery Yard in Eskcourt


Ulammo may often be seen in the livery yard admiring his steeds or ponies, or the work of his employees, rain or shine, in the winter or summer. He puffs from his pipe, keeping warm, with a slight, discerning frown. Ulammo knows when to listen, and speak plainly. He’s learned that prospective buyers appreciate less chatter, and a merchant who understands their needs, and for that he needs to listen. He tries not to overprice his stock too much, but he is well aware that he attracts the finest clientele who have money to spend on important things like a fine steed and equipment to suite.


Ulammo owns the Crown and Carriage Livery Yard in Eskcourt, the city’s most prestigious stables. Ulammo is a first-generation Taldoran immigrant. His father’s father trained his father, and in turn trained Ulammo, in the fine practice of livery. He has ties to Whitestaff Ranch in Canterwall, and occasionally has fine steeds for sale. One may even find the fell ponies popular for mountainous travel.

  • artwork by Britt Martin

Ulammo Toriso

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