Vali Petrescu

well-dressed Sczarni alchemist and violinist


Passionate, generous, and friendly. Vali looks for opportunities to share stories, music, and dance by the campfire, but he can quickly turn biting or dismissive – particularly if nobility mistreats him for his sczarni heritage or attempts to use station to manipulate or intimidate him.

He can often be found in his small store, The Lady’s Bedstraw, not much larger than an alcove between two larger storefronts. It lies in northern Hawthorne Rows, off Lantern Street. He has a small bedroom above it – really a repurposed attic with extra blankets and small window, reached by a rickety ladder in the backroom (which was once a closet no doubt).

His black & dark gray cat, Mila is a recent addition to his shop. She appears disinterested in strangers’ affection, but exhibits no fear of most people. Mila’s watchful eye follows browsers like a guard dog. When bored, she’ll sit in inconvenient places or play with glass objects to Vali’s irritation, though he clearly has a deep affection for his little “mercy.” The name is a play on words. He found her facing down a dog sniffing at his doorstep – no doubt attracted to the strange chemicals and herbs, looking for food. She provides no mercy to invading mice and spiders.

Attributes Skills
Strength – D6 Climbing – D6, +2
Agility – D10 Fighting – D6 Shooting – D10, +2 Marksman Repair – D6, +2 Traps & Locks Stealth – D6, +2 non-wilderness
Vigor – D8
Smarts – D8 Know. Occult – D8 +2, possible +4 Arcane Skill: Alchemy – D8 Investigation – D4 Streetwise – D4 Notice – D6, +2 Traps History – D8 + 2, possible +4 Common Knowledge: Nobility Common Knowledge +2: Ustalav Flora Common Knowledge +2: Ustalav Fauna Common Knowledge +2: Ustalav Geography Common Knowledge +2: Ustalav History Common Knowledge +2: Elves Common Knowledge +2: Folklore
Spirit – D8 Guts – D8, +2 Brave Persuasion – D6, +1 or +2 clothing Socialize – D6, +1 masterwork violin
Derived Stats Parry – 6, 8 with Brevoy Elixir Toughness – 6 Toughness with Armor – 9/8 Power Points – 15

Orders (minor): Works in service to Diaudin, the prince’s spy master. His work is to dig out the rotten core of the Ustalav wealthy, elite, and famous – and of course, those opposed to Prince Ordranti III. Diaudin doesn’t really offer much coin beyond some symbolic amount or what’s necessary to keep Vali’s work continuing. If Vali should find himself in trouble, he can count on no royal resources. In fact, no one is to know of this relationship, or even that they meet. If Vali tries to use this relationship to get out of trouble or for social benefit Diaudin will deny any connection and Vali can expect his life to become miserable in Caliphas. Of late, Vali’s trust for Diaudin has become a little strained due to two of Diaudin’s requests that came with very little information on the nature of the trouble or the dangerous details. Vali expects to deal with the unnatural horrors that live in Caliphas, things that most mortals only make tense jokes about over wine in pleasant social settings. But Vali has indicated he expects assignments with little information to be the exception – otherwise his companions will lose their trust in him and Vali may need to think twice before accepting such “rumors of work.” This still leaves room for more subtle schemes of defense, elimination, espionage, extraction, surveillance and objectives that might require the finesse that Vali is more suited for. This work may take Vali into noble gatherings disguised as a performer or servant. People often overlook the comely and well-dressed but forgettable violinist or bar tender of vaguely Sczarni descent.
Cautious (minor) Recent events have tempered Vali’s vengeful streak by showing him the unintended consequences of revenge and hasty violence. He is still nothing like a pacifist, and when he must resort to combat he does not hesitate to make merciless shots with his bow, but he now makes sure he has accumulated as much evidence as possible before deciding someone needs to die. He has also realized it’s equally important to watch out for his companions and try to anticipate ambushes, traps, and unintended triggers on their own passions. He’ll study his opponents if possible, and advise that they come to the battle with the right tools. Life is too precious to throw away in one battle. When pushed into combat, either by a moral imperative or by inopportune circumstances, he does not hesitate to react with sudden inspiration or boldness.
Heroic Vali does not advertise this part of his nature, but those who watch his behaviors, like Diaudin, know that he is deeply motivated to change the lives of Ustalav’s people, especially the lower classes. Generous with his coin and time, he also looks for opportunities to provide subtle help to people he believes will be agents for this kind of work. He’s a keen mind that uses subtlety to empower the weak. He listens well before making any grand speeches, but when he is driven to speak he does not turn away from speaking boldly and plainly to denounce injustice.
Loyal: Mila Vali loves Mila, his only family. He will not leave her if she is in danger, and he will not ask her to unnecessarily endanger herself.
Licentious In his time in the mists, the Dark Powers have awakened animal instincts in Vali that lay dormant for some time. Recently he engages in a generally promiscuous and occasionally unprincipled manner. Ustalav aristocrat women titter that it must be his Sczarni blood, and aristocrat men sometimes bristle that such a man should be allowed in their circles. Vali himself recalls a time when he did not worry so much about rumor, and embraces a return to the carefree, passionate existence that he spent his early 20’s in – even as his purpose and his peers have changed.
Attention of the Dark Powers Vali receives a -2 to Spirit checks to resist Dark Powers checks. Vali’s time in the Mists and the frequency with which he engages in Things Man Was Not Meant to Know as finally attracted the attention of The Dark Powers. To turn one such as this to their mysterious ends…or its mysterious ends…

Arcane Background – Alchemy Vali Petrescu always takes extra time on his alchemical creations to make sure they are of the highest quality. He understands that the mundane knowledge of alchemy already allows for remarkable stimulants and body affects. His work must stand out against this. Anything less than incredible success is discarded, and he spends the time to obtain quality materials. He owns a small lab in a public space in the moment, the space is rented.
Marksman Vali may benefit from the Aim maneuver, providing a +2 to Shooting rolls, and shoot in the same round, as long as he has not moved that round.
Arcane Familiar – cat: Mila; Wild Card Provides a bonus ability starting at seasoned. Vali hasn’t realized it but his eyesight has improved at night, and his eyes now grow yellow, like Mila’s, when the light catches them. He has noticed this oddity on occasion, and he suspects it’s a side-effect of some of his alchemy work. Mila, his familiar, is a Wild Card with respect to Wounds, injury, and Wild die, but she does not have bennies of her own. She and Vali gain the Loyal hindrance for each other. At each rank familiars provide additional bonuses. See the edge description for more details.
Seasoned Familiar Bonus: Cat Eyes Negates penalty in dim or dark light, up to but not including complete darkness. Additionally, he may communicate with all feline animals and receives a +2 Charisma bonus. The sight of this may disturb peasant folk or those superstitious (most of Ustalav).
Veteran Familiar Bonus: Extra Power Points With his connection to Mila developing further, Vali can pull upon more arcane energy to infuse into his creations. She bolsters his stamina and makes his work remarkable. Vali gains five extra power points.
Arcane Chemist Alchemy and distilling extracts from monsters is something of a specialty for this hero. When making extracts, an Alchemist with this Edge creates twice as many doses as usual.
Extraction When a character normally withdraws from a melee, his attacker gets a free attack before he does so—a very dangerous proposition for most. Your hero is adept at retreating from an engagement. Make an Agility roll. If successful, one opponent doesn’t get a free attack anytime you disengage.
Brave Those with this Edge have learned to master their fear. Or perhaps are so jaded or emotionally distant they’ve just lost their normal “fight or flight” responses. Either way, your hero adds +2 to Fear tests. If the character is in a setting that uses Guts as a Setting Rule, it adds to that as well.
Thief Thieves specialize in deceit, treachery, and acrobatics. They can be invaluable where traps must be detected, walls must be climbed, and locks must be picked. Thieves add +2 to Climbing, Repair related to lockpicking, Stealth, as well as Notice or Repair rolls that relate to traps and similar devices. The bonus to Stealth does not apply when the character is in a wilderness environment—only in urban areas.
Lodge of the Moon All students learn to Parry with their bows and bracers. Bows are considered a Parrying weapon for these archers. In addition, when using the Extraction maneuver, these rangers receive a +1 to the Agility roll. They receive a +2 bonus to Common Knowledge Elves, Local Flora and Fauna, and Local Geography. At Legendary Rank, Lodge members learn to aim quickly – characters with Marksman who move may still benefit from the Aim maneuver without taking an additional action.
Deadshot As per Houserules, once per combat, when a friendly character draws a Joker for Initiative, this character may double the damage for one attack that turn.
Peasant lore The hero must spend at least 1 round of combat with the creature or spend 1 round observing the creature closely such that it reveals its nature. With a successful Monster Lore roll or Occult roll -2, the hero remembers two Special Abilities or features of that monster. This is not an action. Each level of success allows the character to determine one additional feature as listed in the spell, Scan. Players should note the specificity of this edge as well. Simply rolling Monster Lore or Occult to achieve similar ends generally provides general information (i.e. monster is more resilient against piercing attacks) not specific information (i.e. monster takes half damage from piercing attacks).
Legendary Familiar Bonus: Familiar Benefits From Spells Mila and Vali now have a permanent spiritual bond that allows Mila to benefit from any spells Vali is benefiting from. If Vali casts Healing on himself, Mila also benefits from Healing. If he has cast Smite on his items, Mila also benefits from Smite. If Vali casts Boost Trait, she also benefits from this bonus.
School of the Red Breath In return for strict requirements and a commitment to a grim future, a student of the School of the Red Breadth who does not move in a round may draw and drink a potion as a free action once per round as per the usual free action rules (so this action may not be repeated that round unless the character has access to another whole round of actions that same round, such as with the Quickness spell). In addition, if a creature rolls a 1 on an attack, once per combat, the hunter gains +1 to Fighting and Shooting rolls vs. that creature or creatures of the same type for the remainder of combat. This bonus is cumulative with Spot Weakness if the hunter knows this.
Unique Style The character has learned the arts of two or more academies and has created his own style. He may combine the bonuses from two or more schools. Example: a character is a member of the Royal Fencing Academy and the Old School. When he performs a Defend maneuver while remaining stationary and armed with a longsword and buckler, he gains the +1 Parry from the Royal Fencing Academy and +1 Parry from the Old School, for a +2 bonus in total.
Elan When this spirited hero puts his heart into something it tends to pay off in big ways. When you spend a Benny on a Trait roll (including Soak rolls), add +2 to the final total.
Powers – Alchemy Potions require 10 minutes per rank to brew, require the caster to reserve those spell points in the potion, and require the materials listed in the arcane background rules on the CotN Wiki. At present, Vali owns an alchemist’s traveling kit, not a materwork alchemist’s trunk, so he receives +0 while brewing potions in the wild. In small cities, with a thousand people or more, he receives a +2. In more developed cities, such as capitals of provinces and cities with a scholarly presence such as a university, he receives a +3 as a journeyman alchemist. He has a journeyman’s sigil and can provide the names of some of his guildmasters in Caliphas as references, as well as his own alchemy notebooks as proof.
Smite – Fire Trapping Provides the enchanted object with a magical +2 or +4 damage. Duration is per potion rules. A roll of an 8 provides +4 damage. A roll of a 12 provides 10 round potions providing +4 damage. The Trapping Vali has chosen on selecting this Power is fire. The item glows red hot, as metal would held in a fire. This may be applied to 20 bolts or arrows in a single dose of the potion. Flametouch Ointment can be applied manually or by spray.
Healing Provides either a St. Desna’s potion or a St. Ezra’s potion. A success provides a St. Desna’s potion. A success with a Raise provides a St. Ezra’s potion. A 12 on the alchemy roll provides a St. Ezra’s potion with no risk of the side effect – a negative 1 to skill rolls. Effects are listed on Potions.
Boost/Lower Trait This spell allows the caster to raise or lower a trait. With a success, the caster creates a potion that boosts a single Trait die by 1. A Raise on the casting roll allows the caster to create a potion that boosts a single Trait die by 2. Note, this does not provide a flat bonus to the roll. The caster must choose the type of Trait. Once the Trait is chosen, all corresponding additional Trait rolls and side effects apply – as listed under Boost Trait in Potions. Duration is 5 rnds by default, as normal, and if the user succeeds the additional Trait roll with a Raise the duration is 10 rounds. Potions are known by many names, such as Shudderwood Strength, Cat’s Paws, Mettle Tonic, Brevoy Elixir, Shadow Wine, and others. As with his other potions, the spell’s Trapping is that Vali must administer the spell through powders, liquids, ointments, and perfumes.
Quickness This cologne provides a user with two turns of actions in one round of combat, including an additional move action and an additional free action. On a Raise, the user gains the ability to redraw any initiative cards lower than an 8. The Trapping is that the spell is administered as a cologne, and of smells of wet cedar and an herb, akin to rosemary, with a hint of something more acrid. The duration is only 3 rounds. While Vali’s potions are more stable than conventional potions, they last for shorter periods of time.

Spoken and written Varisian with a Sczarni accent, spoken and written Taldane, spoken Elven, written Thassillonian (alchemy is sometimes written in this, especially very old alchemy)

Experience Points: 103 (sessions) + 34 (write-ups) = 137 + Character Creation Advance

Rank: Legendary

Advances: (character creation: arcane background, Strength D6, Skills – Alchemy D8 & Occult D8), 5 Agility D8, 10 Skills – Shooting D8 & Investigation D4, 15 Arcane Chemist, Character Creation Advance – Arcane Familiar, Seasoned Familiar Bonus Ability: Cat Eyes, 20 Extraction, 25 Marksman, 30 Skills – Fighting D6 and Guts D6, 35Vigor D8, Veteran Familiar Bonus Ability: Power Points-15, 40Quickness Power, 45Climbing & Stealth, 50Notice D6 & Repair D6, 55 Brave, 60 Thief, Heroic Familiar Bonus Ability: Agility D10, 65 Lodge of the Moon, 70 Skills – Shooting D10 & Persuasion D6, 75 Deadshot, 80 Peasant Lore, 90 School of the Red Breath, 100 Unique Style, 110 Spirit D8, 120 Elan, 130 Knowledge – History D4 & D6, 140 Knowledge – History D8 & Guts D8, 150 Scholar – Occult and History, 160 Quarterfaux Archives Membership 1, 156

Money: 905 gp., 8 sp. 50 cp. – “Rich” lifestyle (300 gp)


Item Weight Cost
Alchemist’s Traveling Kit 5 lbs.(2.5) 200 gp
Mw. Musical instrument 2.4 lbs. (1.2) 100 gp.
Merchant’s formal wear +1 social NA 40 gp.
Masterwork Thieves’ tools (+1) 2 lb. (1) 100 gp.
fitted noble’s formal wear, fine +1 social NA 100 gp.
Masterwork backpack 1 lb. 150 gp.
Item Weight Cost
Concealed Mw. Ironwood Bow (elven) 2.4 lb. 5200 gp
M. Stealth Reinf. Wyvern Leather armor 16 lb. 1800 gp.
Masterwork Dagger .8 lb. 50 gp.
Necklace of Courage – Lion’s Head (+1) NA 1000 gp.
Masterwork quiver x2 3.2 lb. (1.6) 100 gp.
Concealed Quick Draw Bandolier/Cloak, -1 draw & act 1.3 lb. (.6) 4100 gp.
Gloves of Xel Pelac, +1 to Shooting rolls, +1 Parry NA – clothing 9000 gp
Old Xin’s Ring nil 8000 gp.
Power Stone, 2 pt. – Indigo Sapphire Set in Oak nil 2500 gp.
Arrows Weight Cost
10 mithril arrows +1 dam NA 24 gp.
10 silver arrows -1 damage NA 5 gp.
20 silver_ed_ arrows NA ? gp.
2 blessed arrows -1 damage NA 300 gp.
10 adamantine arrows +2 AP NA 30 gp.
1 Tangleshot Arrow NA 100 gp.
1 Splintercloud Arrow NA 40 gp.
2 Slowburn Arrow NA 100 gp.
4 Raining Arrow (Holy) NA 100 gp.
5 reg. arrows NA 8 gp.
3 lodestone arrows +1 hit vs. metal NA 15 gp.
2 Dye arrows (reveals invisible) NA 2 gp.
grappling arrow NA 1 gp.
2 doses of paralytic poison Vigor roll or paralyzed for 1D4 rounds 200 gp.
2 doses of deadly poison Vigor roll if shaken, 2 D6 additional 200 gp.
Item Weight Cost
Waterproof bag x2 – alchemy 1 lb. (.5) 5 sp.
blank wax key NA 15 gp.
Alchemy materials 2 lb. (1) 50 gp.
water canteen 1 lb. (.5) 5 gp.
Potions Weight Cost
1 Hobgoblin Spit NA 100 gp.
Poison Resistance NA 20-50 gp.
Vali’s Mercy Healing Mist x4, as Desna’s or Ezra’s NA NA
Vali’s Flametouched Spray x2, +2 or +4, 5 or 10 rnds. NA NA
Vali’s Quicksilver Cologne x2, 4 rnds. (1 extra PP) NA NA
Kyonin’s Mark Elixir x2, 5 or 10 rnds. – Shooting by 2 Die NA NA

Encumbrance with combat gear: 24.7 lb. (light)
Encumbrance w/ alchemist’s kit, alchemy components, musical instrument: medium – 30.4 lb.

Countless dead make Ustalav soil dark and rich like ground coffee. Vali Petrescu spent many years traveling Ustalav with his extended family: the Petrescus, the Albuin, and the Erdo. Three families made of several families, traveling the regions of Ustalav. The Albuins were noted for their white topped wagons and their performers. The Erdo were practiced hunters, almost by birthright, though everything is earned amongst Sczarni. Everything. Amongst people who own nothing, and have lost everything, they know that all that matters is earned in life. The Petrescus were simply known as those coming from some ancestor known as Peter. That didn’t both Vali or other Petrescus. It was said that Peter helped bring the families together and knew what paths to take and not to take during the Whispering Tyrant’s reign. It was said he kept them alive in Ustalav’s darkest time and kept their history alive with music. Vali liked those particular tales of Peter. He often jokingly says he picked up the violin because of some persistent strain in him that led back to Peter. This also allowed family to assume other positions. Some would dance to his music, while others would pick the pockets of inebriated guests – not too much, that would be indecent. Just enough. Just enough to pay for the entertainment. A performance bill. Playing his music, Vali can watch it all with the most careful attention.

Many, many joyful things did Vali experience in this life. Fingertips on a lover’s skin in a bed of Lady’s Bedstraw, golden like the Ustalav summer. Wines from Ardeal finest plums, picked before they could fall from untended fields. Viewing Lozeri’s pastures by sunset with a cup of goat’s milk. Now that’s heaven on earth.

But Ustalav rarely gives gifts. Everything must be earned. Vali was not born to a Sczarni family. He was born to Petrescus, yes, but to him they were a simple Varisian family living in Ardis. Hundreds of years ago they had left travelling and set up a bowman’s shop – fine crafted bows of a variety of woods and other materials. Like many families, their wealth deteriorated when the capital moved. Most people around Vali were just scraping by, and the surrounding woods had been picked clean by previous huntsmen, equally desperate. And then there was that terrible break-in by the desperate and unfortunate. Vali hardly remembers it. He’d climbed into a cupboard and hid as his parents bid him. He was forced to hear their screams through the thin plywood. And then the sounds after – of scraping and furniture moving, and even the bodies removed. He never even had the chance to bury them. And then the waiting. Hours of waiting. He couldn’t be sure if the attackers were still there.

A boy, not even ten, he wasn’t sure what to do. The aging Ailson Kindler, a renowned fantasy writer who recently settled in Ardis, noticed him crying on his doorstep. From the young age of eight to nearly adulthood he served her. There were rules, yes, very clear rules, but there was also kindness. He was never to go into her study, and never ever read her manuscripts. Nor was he to ask her about her life before she wrote. And occasionally, when she had late night visitors, he was asked to lock up the front gates, all outer doors, and recede to the servants’ quarters without looking on the visitors. Sure he was curious, but he was ever faithful, ever grateful for the opportunity to experience a loving household. It was a different kind of life – quiet, but less desperate than his old one. And the pain he felt subsided over time under her kind words.

One morning, after one such visitor, apparently an upsetting one, Vali came out to the dining hall and discovered a couple books left open, wine glasses still half full, and a general, unusual disarray. One of the books, Ms. Kindler’s diary, spoke of the Petrescus. Vali doesn’t know why he looked at the book, to this day. His eye was drawn to the page, as if spellbound. What he discovered in those pages changed his story. Where once he was a fortunate orphan, now there were monsters that fed on the living. Where once his kindly benefactor was an innocuous writer, she became a hunter of evil things who once believed in ideals. Where it was enough to serve and find comforts in the world where he could, it was no longer enough.

In the morning he offered to help her with her never-ending battle against the monsters that walked amongst the living and who lived as royalty to move people like pawns and dine on their flesh like livestock. But she would have none of it. Where was the monster hunter he’d read about in the diary? What happened to her ideals? She cast him out. Her precious Vali had betrayed her, and now he must live with the consequences. He tried to argue, and point to how she needed him, but she needed no one. She had fought ancient evil, loved deeply, lost that love, and everything she had once of her life. Now he wanted to live this same kind of life. She would not help. He found himself on the streets.

As chance would have it, a Sczarni caravan was passing through and Vali found himself with the extended Petrescu family almost a year later. But as much as this new family gave him, he never forgot his other Petrescu heritage. He would learn to pay those monsters back. They’d stolen not just one family, but two. Whatever they did to Ms. Kindler, he would never let them do to him. He would love harder, stronger. And he would kill those undead that broke her. He only wishes he could tell Ms. Kindler he does not want her help now. He only wants to be there for her in the winter of her life. And while the Sczarni gave him the gift of new life, they also helped him see all of Ustalav and how it suffers under one tyrant or another – nearly every single region. Its poor struggle to make plants grow from stone and with the little bit of energy they have they light fires at night in the hopes it will deter the creatures that feed off their young living. How sad it is that so many are afraid in order that so few might delight in terrible pleasures.

In his mid-twenties Vali came to Caliphas, a city with as many horror stories as steeples. Here he has practiced his crafts learned from Sczarni elders and patiently waited. About a year ago a mysterious gentleman noticed his interest in certain rare volumes in the library, his equally strange questions related to inexplicable disappearances, and his unusual interest in alchemy despite not being formally trained in a university. Here was somebody learned like a minor noble, with the social graces of a minor noble, but none of the financial or social privileges, and an interest in attending society events while not exactly socializing. It’s the sort of thing that gets the attention of the crown’s spymaster.

Instead of removing this potential threat, the spymaster decided to direct his energies. “The crown knows that the undead infest its rank. It permits them to exist; it must permit them to exist. They’ve become a part of the body of Ustalav. To cut them out would cut out major organs. You can’t simply murder your way through the nation’s royalty. But if you work for me, I will give you information. I will help you discover the worst of these. You will work alone. Unsupported. You must remain absolutely committed to the crown and act with absolute discretion. If you are discovered no one will speak on your behalf. No one will admit to knowing you. And I do not exist.”

Even after Vali agreed, he discovered that working for the crown required a tremendous amount of patience and professionalism. He’s received precious few bits of information and he grows somewhat impatient. He’s had to work on his accents, worm his way into familiarity with the lower nobility, and most of all – wait. Sometimes his work is simply taking notes on the dry conversations of mingling lower nobility. But in the meantime, Vali has learned the life of a wealthy merchant in these functions, watched the servant routines, and learned to apply social graces Ms. Kindler one taught him in his dusty memory.

Finally, while serving the crown in the “observation of notable persons” at Vauntil’s Last Breath, he discovered a group of potentially like-minded individuals and strangely varied in their appearances, backgrounds, and apparent goals. But they seem connected by their higher purpose. Mr. D. asked him for notes on this group after they rescued every single kidnapped person from the goblin war party that had attacked. Vali relayed his information, but he said nothing of his own investment in their success. He’d given them two of his best recent potions – St. Ezra’s Touch vials of very pure quality. Vali now has renewed energy, practicing archery at the common grounds in Caliphas. And more recently, he’s reconnected with Sulayn briefly and discovered that Persephone is a true vampire hunter, despite, or perhaps because of her dhampir decent. It seems the time has finally come for a new life.

Vali hardly remembers his difficult childhood, at least that’s what he tells himself. He laughs heartily like many Sczarni and playing with energy. He fights with passion because life demands it, requires it. His story is not very unlike many stories in Ustalav. He is perhaps more lucky than most. And willing to face its beauty and cruelty.

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The characters met Vali in Vauntil during the ill-fated Last Breath competition in which goblin raiders attacked the festival. He has been known to associate with scholars from the Quarterfaux Archives, traveling sczarni, and nobility. Vali took interest in the group after they demonstrated uncharacteristic heroism in the face of the goblin raid, and donated two high quality healing potions to take the worst of the pains away – after mundane physicians failed to have any effect. In so doing, he demonstrated considerable skill as an alchemist. Earlier that day he earned coin as a street performer playing solo violin.

Vali Petrescu

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