Vargan Cranston

Brutish Caliban raised by Orcs


Male Caliban from the Amaans
6’1" 270lb. Disfigured as all caliban are, to some he appears like a giant toad. His skin is pallid with greenish tones and sometimes secretes a mucus giving him a sheen. His eyes are completely black and bulge as if they might pop from his skull at any moment. He has a frog-like tongue and a large mouth. From the neck down he just looks like a fat pale noble who sweats too much.

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Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d12 + , Vigor d8.

Skills: Fighting d12, Intimidation d8, Streetwise d4, Healing d6, Climbing d4, Survival d4, Guts d8, Notice d4 Knowledge (Occult) d6, Knowledge (Religion) d6

Derived Stats: Pace 6, Parry 11(8 + 2 shield +1 Arminger), Toughness 12 (7 + 3 armor +1 brawny +1 boots of the toad), Charisma -4 (mean + deformed)

Hindrances: Weak-Willed(major), Mean(minor), Bad Eyes(minor), Addiction: Pesh (veteran of the dread realm)

Languages: Common(native), Orc (speak/read/write), Dwarven (speak)

Weapons/Armor: Full plate (arms 10lb, legs 15lb, body 25lb) 25lb (50/2), Large (Kite) Spiked Mithril Shield (Metal, +2 to Parry, +2 to armor vs ranged attacks, +2 bashing damage, 1/2 weight) 10lb , Pot Helmet (with goggle slot) +3 armor head (50% vs headshots) 4lb, Kukri (curved Dagger) 1lb, Masterwork Battleaxe (str + d8) 8lb, Daggers x 4 4lb
Items: Clothes, Prescription goggles 1lb, Shaggy Fur Cloak 1lb, 1 trail Rations 5lb, Backpack 2lb, Whetstone x 2 2lb, Waterproof bag x 2 1lb, Blanket 5lb, Bracers of the Frog +1 Str – Also gives/enhances froglike features on wearer, Plate boots of the Toad, +1 toughness and double jump distance

Current Total Weight: 69/112 (str d12 + 2 × 8)

Racial Traits: Deformed (-2 to charisma), Unnatural (-2 to all checks with animals), Powerful (d6 starting strength), Terrifying (+2 to all intimidation), Low Light Vision

Worships: Lamashtu

Starting Edges
Veteran of the Dread Realm
Agility to d8


5: Arminger
10: Str to d10
15: Brawny

20: Guts
25: Spirit to d8
30: Guts to d8, Notice to d4
35: Healer

40: Vigor to d8
45: Fighting to d10
50: Fighting to d12
55: Intimidation to d8, Knowledge (Religion) to d6

60: Strength to d12
65: Reputation: Intimidation (negative charisma turns into bonus for intimidation)
70: Nerves Of Steel
75: Killer Instinct

80: Strength to d12 +1
90: Vigor to d10
100: Strength to d12 + 2
110: Vigor to d12

Edge: Hardy
Edge: Minor Regeneration
Hindrance: Vulnerability to silver +2 damage from silvered weapons, ignores hardy
Hindrance: Compelled Giant Toad transformation During the nights of the full moon (night before, night of full moon, and night right after) the batrachiathrope must make a Vigor roll at -2 or transform into a Giant Horned Toad. Must make the role at 2 wounds or 2 fatigue. The transformation does not include any armor, clothes, or gear so they rip away and fall to the ground. The afflicted is unable to intentionally turn into a Giant Horned Toad at this point. In Giant Horned Toad form the afflicted has control of the character but will stay in this form until it has completely gorged itself to full (which takes a lot).

Gold Tracking:

After Session 8: 1903


  • In Between Sessions: 2 months
  • Living expenses: Poor, -20 per month
  • Occupation: Stealing/working as hired muscle 120 gained per month
  • Jailed: -60 gold per month
  • Total downtime net: +80


  • Plate Corselet: 400
  • Plate Arms: 200
  • Plate Leggings: 300
  • Large Shield (Kite): 200
  • Pot Helm: 75
  • 4 Daggers (Normal): 25 × 4 =100
  • Total cost = -1275
    Net change: -1195

Gold earned from session 11/12 : 1500
Gold earned between sessions: 133 (quest) + 120 (jobs) – 40 = 213
Total Gold after Session 12: 1500 + 213 + 708 = 2421


  • Large (Kite) Spiked Mithril shield -2040 {Shield: 120, Spikes: 50, Mithril: *12)

Result: 381 gold

After Session 13:

Gold Earned: 1,620
Gold Earned between sessions: 60


  • +1 push enchantment for shield: -2000
    Current gold: 61

After Session 18:

Gold Earned: 10588
Gold Spent: None

After Session 20:
Gold Earned: 0
Gold Spent: 8000 for Bracers of the frog

Current Gold: 2588

Starting XP: 3 (1 for background, 1 for posting character, 1 for image)
XP Per session:

  • Session 1: 2
  • Session 2: 3 + bonus = 4
  • * Writeup: +1
  • Session 3: 2 + bonus = 3
  • Session 4: 2
  • Session 5: 3 + bonus = 4
  • Session 6: 1 (from previous) + 3 (for storytelling) = 4
  • Session 7: 3 + bonus = 4
  • Session 8: 3
  • Session 9: 3 (for storytelling)
  • Session 10: 3 (for storytelling)
  • Session 11: 2 + bonus =3
  • Session 12: 4 + bonus = 5
  • Session 13: 3
  • Session 14: 2
  • Session 15: 3
  • Session 16: 3
  • Session 17: 2
  • Session 18: 3
  • Mini sesh 1: 1
  • Session 19: 2
  • Session 20: 4 + bonus = 5
  • Session 21: 2
  • Session 25: 2 (for storytelling)
  • Session 26: 2 (for storytelling)
  • Session 27: 3 (for storytelling)
  • Session 28: 3 (for storytelling)
  • Session 29: Missed
  • Session 30: 3 + bonus = 4
  • Session 31: 4
  • 4/13/2019: 3
  • 5/11/2019: 4

Total = 93
Final current xp: 115


Insecure about his own strength and fear he tends to lash out against anyone who would suggest otherwise, assuming that they appear weak enough for him to beat in a fight. He often comments about other’s weaknesses to draw attention away from his own.

While he is an abrasive person a large part of him is just seeking some type of acceptance and he will go to great lengths to gain any approval. Although, his “great lengths” are typically limited to smashing and taking.

His worship of Lamashtu and loss of family early on imparted large appreciation for the familial unit, especially care for mothers and children. He would never kill a child, but he certainly would protect them from harm in the only way he knows how, because of this none of the nobles with families have been killed. Nobles living the bachelor lifestyle have not been so lucky.

Primary Motivator: Familial love/belonging
Emotional Disposition: Angry and anxious
Moodiness: Quick to change, labile.
Outlook: Idealistic
Integrity: Disorganized, and deceitful. He’ll lie to “protect himself” but he’s not very good at it.;
Impulsiveness: Rash
Boldness: Paranoid
Agreeableness: Cantankerous
Interactivity: Talkative
Conformity: Shocking/rebellious

Tries to make friends with certain animals, especially reptiles and amphibians. That said all animals are afraid of him.

Major Life notes:

Born to a viscount in Armaans Vargan was a stain on the family from the moment he was brought into this world. The only reason his father didn’t cast him out of the household immediately was because he felt that Vargan was sent as a punishment for some misdeed that his wife had committed.

Disliked by his entire family he was abused and pushed around. His brother, 3 years his senior was one of his principal tormentors. Unable to best Vargan physically he contented himself to mocking and berating him, knowing that the guards would always come to his aid.

At the age of 5, Vargan’s father was sent to battle as an officer. While it was meant to be a simple matter, quelling some goblin uprising, his father perished during the fighting. Now, with no reason to allow Vargan to stay, his mother took him out into the wilderness where she left him to die.

He was picked up by a roving band of orcs from the Rotten Tongue tribe. His unusual appearance stayed their blades. He was brought back to the camp as a slave, but eventually he became a mascot because of his tongue. He fought with the Rotten Tongues, learning to wield an axe, wear armor, and use his strength to his advantage. He learned their religion, finding particular comfort in Lamashtu and the idea that even monsters have a caring mother.

The Hungry mountains were his home and the orcs his family for the next 14 years of his life. He would have stayed with them for the rest of his life, had they not held the ritual. The Rotten Tongues shaman attempted to do something so incomprehensibly terrible that Vargan’s mind broke. Fear entered into his body and he fled. He ran until he could run further and he found himself out in the woods alone again.

Now filled with self-loathing and insecurity he made his way to the nearest town, determined to wreak vengeance on those who had first rejected him, his original family. He stole what he needed from noble households, out of spite and to find out more about his mother and brother’s locations. This is where he remains, moving from city to city, smashing and plundering his way through households.

Vargan Cranston

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