Vicar Vyeden Moldenhauer

Head Vivisectionist and Mortician in the Whiteshaw Morgue


Her dark hair is a little greasy from infrequent washing and smells faintly of decay. Somewhat self-conscious of this, she wears a sandalwood perfume and has taken up smoking with her evening drink at the local tavern, The Tiny Hag. Vyeden’s piercing blue eyes reveal remarkable intelligence, and if there was any doubt, she quickly demonstrates her deep knowledge on a variety of subjects – from the chemical make-up of ales or poisons, to the anatomical workings of the body and how she knows your aches just by looking at you. Sadly, this does not get her the attention she seeks from fickle male travelers passing through Caliphas or local drunken workers exhausted from a day’s work. She longs for a poet in her life, to give light to her subterranean existence.


Tucked in a sub-basement in Whiteshaw, in the center of Caliphas, Vicar Vyeden attends to her grim work. She sees to the dead properly, ensuring they do not rise as undead or cursed creatures – or at least she does what she can. Unfortunately, she’s aware that grave robbers disturb her work and endanger Caliphas residents with their greed. The Whiteshaw investigative agencies frequently rely on her to analyze the causes of death, a duty she takes with utmost commitment. Occasionally she comes a little too close to discovering secrets better kept hidden, but so far she has had enough people in powerful places that she has stayed alive.

*artwork by Enmi Daji

Vicar Vyeden Moldenhauer

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