Vivanny Gorboroff

Wealthy Aristocrat, Bard, and Co-Owner of the Bloodtear Club


Bright blonde hair and two colored eyes (one blue and one seemingly golden) Vivanny compels the eye even before she dances. Dressed in the finest tailored dresses that would make Carmilla Caliphvaso envious (it’s rumored the Countess once asked her where she obtained her finery), Vivanny will frequently be found arm-in-arm with her husband, Celric. She and her husband are two of the city’s finest bards, and on rare occasions, they perform at the Palace of Voices.


Vivanny Gorboroff’s bardic skills are famous among the Caliphas elite. Many would kill to learn the next location of the Bloodtear Club event. Bored with noble society and conventional gatherings, the two delight in the club’s patrons reactions when they dance in costume to eerie tunes beneath illusions such as swarms of bats, raining blood, mists, and other effects created by the two. Some say they’ve been able to spend the night with her, sharing with Celric, though the two are absolutely devoted to each other. They claim the two dancers know ways to make lucky lovers tremble with ecstacy halfway through the following day.

  • artwork by K. Areopagita

Vivanny Gorboroff

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