Warden Browden Celdmoor

Head Priest of Pharasma and Warden of the Mashir Prison


Warden Browden takes his time unless he has good reason to hurry. His eyes are always moving but he remains uncomfortably still. Any reaction from him seems premeditated and carefully executed, even the painful ones. Warden Browden often references Pharasmin prayers or scratches notes into his little black book of “notes for later reference.”


Warden Browden Celdmoor takes his role as rehabilitator especially seriously, extolling the virtues of Pharasma’s worship and forced labor. Some say his zeal is a little too enthusiastic, and that some of the prisoners in Castle Mashir suffer greatly for very small infractions. At times, they’ve disappeared shortly after a particularly grueling “session.” Warden Browden would say that such unfortunates and rumormongerers do not understand that Pharasma tests us all through suffering, and that this suffering and labor purifies us and prepares us for the afterlife.

  • Artwork by Marek

Warden Browden Celdmoor

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