Monster Lore Accumulated

Black Milk Mother – pregnant ogre-kin that birth corrupt hyenas and hit with the force of a giant kin.  Thankfully, mundane weapons harm the creature, but the group discovered it is incredibly resilient, shrugging off critical wounds and even maiming shots at the vitals such as the eye.

Ghoul, elder – the group encountered this servant of dead wielding a masterwork scythe which seemed to imply that it had some sentient qualities, though skeletons do occasionally use weapons, this being appeared to be laying in wait for the party.  It was deadly quiet, lacking the usual moans of the recently dead, such as zombies, though it's over-sized weapon gave it away.  It used rudimentary tactics, but was given little chance to demonstrate its features since Vargan crushed its skull, then its spine, then its rib cage.

Goblyns – fought in Vauntil during the festival of the Last Breath. Their clear sight at night and small size makes them difficult to land a hit on. Their bite is absolutely horrifying, and they're prone to wild attacks (from high places at danger to themselves, using fire, apprehending large animals like horses, and throwing bee hives bombs).

Goblin Dogs – fought while pursuing Goblyns.  Their mange is a contagious rash. They have a human-like or rat-like face on a dog's body.

Harpies – fought outside the orc caves north of Vauntil, on the southern foothills of the Hungry Mountains.  Their song has terrifying power over listeners and can entrance whole groups at a time.

Skeleton warriors – focused and unyielding. Capable of using basic tactics. The necromantic force animating them allows them to shake off wounds easily. Aetherton theorized they may be less suseptible to piercing damage but it unclear if this is true.

Vampires, fledgling – newly created vampires who have not had the chance to develop the usual immunities or control over their supernatural condition.  Depending on the variety of the vampire that sired them, they exhibit different abilities.  The group discovered half a dozen fledgling vampires that were still acclimating to their levitation abilities, but were susceptible to mundane means of killing.  To be sure the creatures died the group burned them, a precaution that is always wise since it's often unclear exactly how progressed the fledgling vampire is, and one does not want the vampire to rise again on another night and seek revenge in a stronger state.  Even in this weakened state the vampires attacked ferociously, twice for every one attack a sober man can give.  Their claws were like a hand of steel daggers.

Zombies (fresh) – fought in the rat catcher's, Ioseff Korinsky's, hovel, after he released them from their "Quiet Rooms" below his home.  Halda discovered that hits to the head damage some crucial piece of their residual minds.



Monster Lore Accumulated

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