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"Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!" – Bram Stoker's Dracula. 

Setting Details

Ustalav - The Nation That Was. Details on its three distinct regions: Soivoda, Palitanates, & Virlych. Its capital, Caliphas, is where our stories begin.

Neigboring Countries – Details on the nations bordering Ustalav & its relations.

The Mists – Information on the stories & workings of the famed mists of Ustalav.

Message Boards, Notices, Gossip – for those listening, here's what the locals are talking about

Monster Lore Accumulated – the accumulated lore of the group, acquired through experiences so far

Religion - Elaborates on the faiths & spiritual beliefs common to Ustalav

Societies - Various organizations, some well-known and reputable, some secret. 

Caliphas Nobility – Some of the notable families in the capital city of Ustalav and its surrounding regions.


Base Rules – General house rules incorporating Savage Worlds, Savage Worlds Raveloft, & our own revisions.

Arcane Backgrounds - sorcerers, devout channelers, psychics, alchemists, ritualists, monks, mentalists, & more.

Dark Powers – information on exactly how the corruption works.

General Resources:

Alchemical Subtances – these substances are created using the mundane alchemy skill

Mundane Gear - a list of mundane goods available, some unusual, specialty, & fascinating

Magic Items - a list of magic items available for purchase in Ustalav

Magic Weapons and Armor - a list of magic weapons & armor available for purchase in Ustalav

Potions – comprehensive list of magical potions available

Services, Wages, and Cost of Living - a list of services and their cost in Ustalav, as well as guidelines for cost of living and wages in downtime

Storyteller Resources

Inspiration - Need something to listen to while writing?  Need ideas for your story? Need that handy resource to bring out mood during the session?  It might be here.

Encounters - Resources to plan encounters to challenge, but not kill entire parties.  Maybe just one or two players.  Resources to delight, surprise, intrigue, or catch your players off balance.

Example Rolls – These are a series of example rolls and their modifiers to illustrate how skills and modifiers may work.  They generally follow Savage Worlds guidelines, but clarify what may not have been transparent, not been in general use, or how the -1 cumulative modifier works with skills.

The Vault – This portion of the wiki is for DM's eyes only.  Major spoilers ahead on specific characters as well as the grander workings of the world and its agents.

Character Stories

Two Cups and a Dance – Halda shows up at Vali's shop in a state of distress.

Sleeping Dogs – Aetherton and Vali discuss history.

The Power - Halda struggles with self-control and an ethical dilemma.

Stariya Sloboda – Vali mingles with nobility, hunts an imp, and sells a tail.

Chivere in Shudderwood - Vali leaves Caliphas for Shudderwood Forest.

Chivere in Shudderwood Part II – the Fey, the treant, & the Lodge.

Dance Along the Burning Blades - Vali attends a ball & dances with a devil.

Batwomen - Halda and Persephone take the law into their own hands. 

The Interrogation – A shyster undergoes a deadly interrogation at Whiteshaw.

A New Lot in Life – The Barstoi Hunters attempt to cleanse a tomb.

Le Etre – Vali meets with Randolf Uldovik and Calanvald Kindler, and a receives an unexpected visit.



Banner art by Darek Zabrocki; Background art by Joakim Olofsson

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